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These are the bidding options for the annual Bull Sale held on Friday 2nd July 2021:

  1. Traditional Live Auction

Take note: There is no limit on the number of people attending the auction.
There will be 2 sale tents erected.

The main tent will have the sale ring with stands and seats available for potential buyers.
The second tent will be equipped with a TV screen where the sale action will be screened, with live spotters where buyers can bid from. This tent will be erected in close proximity to the main tent.

  2. Online Bidding with SwiftVee

Register and bid online via cell phone App or online on your PC.
We would prefer all buyers to be at the auction, but if it is not possible, this is an online option as well as the options listed.

The auction is available this year as a webcast auction. This means that you can register online and watch the auction from home on your computer or mobile phone on the day of the auction and will also be able to bid online.

Register at to bid online

Or contact  Ollie Aadnesgaard (AAM) 067 416 5194 (SwiftVee registrations and assistance)

  3. Phone Bidding
The traditional way of bidding over the phone via a person who will be present at the sale bidding on your behalf.
  4. Proxy Bidding
If a buyer cannot make it to the sale and is willing to give permission to an Agent/Auctioneers to select and bid on their behalf. This will be arranged prior to the sale.

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