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LOT 11 - 20

LOT 11

LAR 18-101

LAR 18-101 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 11 LAR18-101.,.JPG

LOT 12 

LAR 18-041

LAR 18-041 Logix Pedigree Report

One of the top LAR14-173 sons on sale this year. A 4.5 star bull with presence, masculinity, attractive dark points and black hooves. Phenotypical traits of his sire are dominant in this bull with his length, capacity, notable spring of rib and short on the leg. Very broad over the shoulder, strong over the back and an excellent top line with a strong loin and fleshes well into the hindquarter with a neat tail setting, a tidy sheath and big well formed testes (47 cm). A bull with such capacity and length (121 index and 1:21 H to L ratio) and with such a good top line is quite remarkable. Physical characteristics and visual appraisal is an important part of the selection process of using a bull in the herd. Lot 12 was used successfully in the herd from a year old to open heifers. He showed his dominant male characteristics at an early age. Lot 12 was the first calf of his dam LAR15-271 (bought by Gerhard Strydom) A beautiful dark feminine cow with depth and capacity and is a daughter of BG12-43. A herd sire who produced females with milk, capacity, good dark coats and good hooves. Lot 12’s dam has an abundance of milk 113/2, Sp Mat 124 and weaned her first calf Lot 12 at 285kgs. The grand mother, LAR09-362, a very fertile old cow with exceptional milk, (106/9) is still in the herd with a high retention for her 9 calves. She has a bull on this sale Lot 33, LAR18-153. Lot 12 has outstanding breeding values – low on birth, 29kgs BM, very positive on wean (133 EBV), daughter traits and ease of calving and impressive values for growth and remarkable selection values with Cow Value 129, Growth Value 145, Production Value 137. He was one of the top performers in his D phase test ending the test on 500kgs. An impressive bull all round, with visual appraisal and genotypically correct. We are confident that this bull will make his mark in any herd in Africa. We retain a semen share in this bull.

Lot 12 LAR18-041.JPG

LOT 13 

LAR 18-435

LAR 18-435 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 13 LAR18-435.JPG

LOT 14 

LAR 18-018

LAR 18-018 Logix Pedigree Report

This proven herd sire is way beyond the norm of capacity. He packs on the beef with his easy fleshing traits and his extreme length and width. He needs to be seen to be appreciated. A 4.5 star son of LAR14-173 who is exceptional in many ways. Not only does he carry the exceptional traits of his sire, but his dam LAR11-40 (bought by Willie Anderson)is remarkable in her own right. A phenotypically perfect A frame cow, scores a 9, and is a daughter of the legendary LAR06-224. This Lot 14 is a 3 parts brother to Lot 16. (See Lot 16) Sharing the same sire and 2 maternal grand sires. There is a notable amount of milk and growth in this female line. Lot 14, an exceptional bull of this stature, with the Genetic background, exceptional EBV’s, should never be under estimated as he can only be of assistance to improve genetics and to reap the rewards financially and to pave the way for future genetic improvement with his remarkable lineage of animals on his maternal and paternal side. He has only LAR genetics 3 generations back. Lot 14, born in the Autumn, with his heavy wean weight of 291kgs, 142 EBV, 117 index on wean, post wean 149 EBV, ADG 137 will be highly suitable for weaner/feedlot production, as well as replacement heifers which are the building blocks for the genetically improved cow herd. These type of highly efficient animals are most valuable in production and play an integral part of the beef producing market. We have used this bull in the stud very successfully. He is a prepotent sire with impressive calves, thick and long and showing signs of capacity at an early age with good heads and dark points. 90% of his calves scored between 8 and 9, both bull calves and heifer calves. His late summer calves in 2020 had an average BM of 37kgs.

Lot 14 LAR18-018.JPG

LOT 15 

LAR 18-098

LAR 18-098 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 15 LAR18-098.JPG

LOT 16 

LAR 18-448

LAR 18-448 Logix Pedigree Report

A very smart looking son of LAR14-173 out of a brilliant sustainable cow line with his Elite-Gold dam LAR10-49 (107/7, Sp Mat 123, RI 107) a LAR06-224 daughter who has 2 sons on sale, Lot 16 and Lot 26. The grand dam LAR07-186 (101/8) is an Elite-Silver cow and is the grand mother of Lots 20 and 21 as well. Lot 16 is a 3 parts brother to Lot 14 and 7 months younger. Sharing the same sire and 2 maternal grand sires & has only LAR genetics 3 generations back. Both bulls are very similar with their easy fleshing, capacity and notable length and width. Fleshing ability is the measure of adaptability of an animal. A notable trait of the LAR14-173 sons is the “Easy Fleshing” factor and adaptability. The genotype interacts with the environment, enhancing the adaptability which is a critical factor & plays a major role in the beef industry, whether you are a commercial breeder producing weaners/backgrounding for feedlots, or a Stud breeder maintaining genetic profiles & providing bulls & females for herd replacement or on the market. It is an integral part of the beef producing market. A good indication of this adaptability factor is a high Post Wean value, this indicates the calf can survive and thrive in the environment without milk from its dam. Lot 16 has a wean direct value of 131 and Post wean value of 137. This genetic combination of LAR14-173 and LAR06-224 has proved to be extra special, not only with visual appraisal and conformation, but these two lines complement and enhance the estimated genetic potential. Lot 16 is outstanding on wean, (EBV 131, 117 index) milk +6.0, Post wean 130, ADG 130. Outstanding on growth and performance in all stages but low on height -22. An ideal type of bull for any environment with a historical proven extended genetic pedigree to assure sustainability and predictability in any breeding program. We retain a semen share in this bull.                                    

Lot 16 LAR18-448,.JPG

LOT 17 

LAR 18-417

LAR 18-417 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 17 LAR18-417.JPG

LOT 18 

LAR 17-433

LAR 17-433 Logix Pedigree Report

This 4 star son of LAR14-200 is exceptionally well balanced in terms of visual appraisal, conformation, and his extremely well connected family with blue blood. His sire LAR14-200 speaks for himself in terms of breeding with his extremely beautiful dam LAR10-152, and he shares the same sire, LAR12-33 as LAR14-173.

LAR14-200 has bred extremely long, broad thickset cattle with good toplines, clean underlines, beautiful broad heads and mostly dark ruby red coats. Lot 18 has a beautiful dark sleek coated dam LAR09-236, a 5 star cow, who is a sister (same dam) to LAR14-173’s dam, LAR10-159, Elite-Gold and a 5 star cow. They share the same paternal Grandfather and maternal Grand mother. Lot 18 has been used in the stud because of his exceptional proven genetic pool, and being mindful of the fact to continue the significance of influential females lines. Lot 18 a thick bull with length, a good top line, good neat sheath with big well formed testes and a very proud disposition with a good head. He has an attractive proven pedigree, as well as a promising genetic prediction which has proved to be a powerful tool in the hands of the cattle producer. One needs to understand the use of EBV’s in selecting breeding stock with superior genetic merit to increase the proportion of genes having the desired effect on traits of economic importance and with visual appraisal being of utmost importance.

Lot 18 LAR17-433.JPG

LOT 19 

LAR 18-431

LAR 18-431 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 19 LAR18-431.JPG

LOT 20 

LAR 18-270

LAR 18-270 Logix Pedigree Report

This 4.5 star son of LAR14-173 is a brother to Lot 8, LAR17-339 (same dam LAR08-168) This is a remarkable Elite Gold cow producing sons of such quality as in Lot 8, Lot 20 and LAR14-265 (Leon Riekert, Kobus Du Toit, Rubin Essakow ) as well as the dam of Lot 6, LAR15-277 being LAR08-168’s daughter. The genetic inherent factor in this cow is remarkable. All 4 of these top animals are from different sires. The dam of LAR08-168 is the legendary founder cow LAR05-151, Elite Bronze, and her sire is a result of the proven combination of two influential lines in the AG herd, AG02-251 and AGJ8. This grandsire of Lot 20, AG04-374 (LAR08-168’s sire) was a very sleek dark son of AG02-251 as well as the grand dam LAR05-151(dam of LAR08-168) a very dark cow with a quality coat. With LAR14-173 breeding predominantly darker animals, we suspect this bull Lot 20 will however breed animals of a darker colour. This is a fantastic combination of genetics, LAR14-173 and one of the top proven families LAR08-168. Lot 20 is a very stylish bull, always attracting attention with his disposition and good broad masculine head. He is well fleshed, has a good top line with a tidy sheath and big well formed testes, 42cm. It is not surprising with the superior genetic background of this bull that he has exceptional breeding and selection values. Light on birth mass with outstanding Wean 122, Post wean 124 and growth selection value of 120, Production value 122, Cow value 120, milk, longevity and fertility. A fantastic all rounder. 

Lot 20 LAR18-270.JPG