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LOT 21-30

LOT 21

LAR 18-059

LAR 18-059 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 21 LAR18-059.JPG

LOT 22 

LAR 18-063

LAR 18-063 Logix Pedigree Report

Another top son of LAR14-200 used in the herd. (See Lot 18) A bull with exceptional balance, neat and correct with numerous attractive qualities including his quality dark coat, width and length. A proud head reflecting desired character traits. He shows a lot of the positive characteristics of his dam’s sire ADV10-321 who we used very successfully in an AI program in the herd. This dam LAR15-026 was a very neat square block, well put together cow with a beautiful feminine head and disposition with attractive black points like her sire.  Three of LAR14-200 sons were used in the herd this past season, to reintroduce his exceptional proven genetic pool on both his dam and sire side. His dam LAR10-152 (101/7, RI 107) is one of the most beautiful cows in the Up George herd with a high retention rate. We have used two of her bulls in the herd. We look forward to Lot 22’s calves in a few months time.

Lot 22 LAR18-63.,.JPG

LOT 23

LAR 18-225

LAR 18-225 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 23 LAR18-225.JPG

LOT 24 

LAR 18-082

LAR 18-082 Logix Pedigree Report

Another one of 11 quality sons on offer sired by LFR15-032 (see Lot 2 & 3) with excellent hide & hair quality, capacity, width and a very strong head with notable loose skin, well fleshed, clean sheath, and a good masculine head. Lot 2 comes out of a very productive and good looking female line who breeds exceptional conformation calves. The grandmother LAR12-34 is a beautiful feminine daughter of LAR07-55 (scores 9) with a good udder, and her daughter the dam of Lot 2, LAR15-77 (scores 8.5) follows in her mothers footsteps on conformation. A beautiful attractive feminine cow with dark points. Both the dam and grand dam of Lot 2 produced beautiful correct high scoring calves with a high retention rate. With this exceptional female line they prove that there is merit in the saying “like breeds like”!. We have used this bull Lot 24 in the stud herd and look forward to seeing his quality calves.

Lot 24 LAR18-082.,.JPG

LOT 25

LAR 18-107

LAR 18-107 Logix Pedigree Report


LOT 26 

LAR 18-053

LAR 18-053 Logix Pedigree Report

The very well connected bloodlines in this bull’s pedigree makes him quite special. He is a 4.5 star bull who lives up to his genetic potential phenotypically as well as genotypically. Lot 26’s sire LAR14-446, (now with Johan Goosen, G10 Bonsmaras) a top quality well bred 5 star bull, was the old stalwart cow LAR95-50’s last calf at 19 years old!. Her longevity, abundance of milk 111/14, SP Mat 152, exceptional selection traits of Cow value, Production Value and Growth value are all evident in lot 26. LAR14-446’s sire is LAR12-26 (with Boeram Venter) is a son of the well known herd sire LAR07-55 and is the brother (same dam LAR09-231) of Lot 26 from 2020 sale, LAR16-453 used in the herd and now with Boeram Venter. Lot 26, LAR18-53 has an exceptional proven female line. His dam LAR15-277 is a sister (same dam, LAR08-168, Lot 83) to LAR17-339 who is Lot 8. This fantastic Elite Gold cow LAR08-168 a genetically superior cow who’s influences on her progeny, both bulls and females are invaluable and of the highest quality.(See Lot 8 and female Lot 83) She is also a sister (same dam LAR05-151) to the well used and good looking herd sire LAR09-281. With all these exceptional bloodlines above in Lot 26 he has the added superior genes of LAR06-224, whose son LAR11-71 is the sire of his dam LAR15-277. An incredible combination of superior Up George genetics in one lot with milk production and growth being exceptional. Lot 26 was the first calf of his dam LAR15-277, weighing 290 at wean and EBV index of 145. BM of 33kgs, ease of calving birth maternal -0.31. The Birth direct EBV values are distorted in the Up George herd as we do not weigh our cows when they calve, so the calf weights are correlated to the average of the SA Bonsmara cow herd which is significantly lower than the average weight of the Up George cow herd due to the capacity, width and length we select for in females. Lot 26 with his presence, conformation exceptional EBV’s and genetic background, makes him an attractive all rounder.

Lot 26 LAR18-53.JPG

LOT 27

LAR 18-005

LAR 18-005 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 27 LAR18-005.JPG

LOT 28 

LAR 18-154

LAR 18-154 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a top quality 5 star son of LAR15-282 who we have used in the Stud herd. Probably the broadest bull on sale indicative to how his sire LAR15-282 breeds. Lot 28 was the heaviest weaner in his group weighing over 300 kgs. His dam LAR13-68 has an incredible amount of milk SP Mat 151, 113/4 with Lot 28 having a wean index of 124 & EBV 145 and excellent on Post wean 148 and ADG 130 finishing tops in his D phase test with a final weight of 510 kgs. Often we find the heavy weaners will not excel at the same growth/conversion rate as their lighter counterparts who gain advantage with compensatory growth. This however is not the case with the heavy weaners from the sire LAR15-282. LAR13-68, the dam of Lot 28 is a very productive daughter of BP10-17.

Lot 28 LAR18-154.JPG

LOT 29

LAR 17-218

LAR 17-218 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 29 LAR17-218.JPG

LOT 30

LAR 18-188

LAR 18-188 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 30 LAR18-188.JPG