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Bull Descriptions

Understanding the Star Guide


LOT 31 - 40

LOT 31 

LAR 17-279

LAR 17-279 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 31 LAR17-279.JPG
Sire KDT13-046.JPG

Sire KDT 13-046

Dam LAR05-375.JPG

Grand Dam LAR 05-375

LOT 32 

LAR 17-231

LAR 17-231 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 32 LAR17-231.JPG
Sire ARB14-055.JPG

Sire ARB 14-055

Grand sire BP10-17.JPG

Grand Sire BP 10-017

LOT 33 

LAR 17-485

LAR 17-485 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 33 LAR17-485.JPG
Sire LAR14-350.JPG

Sire LAR 14-350

Dam LAR10-428.JPG

Dam LAR 10-428

Grand sire LAR07-37.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 07-037

LOT 34 

LAR 17-285

LAR 17-285 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 34 LAR17-285.JPG
Sire JRP09-81.JPG

Sire JRP 09-081

Grand sire LAR10-181.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 10-181

LOT 35 

LAR 17-246

LAR 17-246 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 35 LAR17-246.JPG
Sire. AJF13-415.JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

Grand sire LAR07-055.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 07-055

LOT 36 

LAR 17-429

LAR 17-429 Logix Pedigree Report

A young bull showing an enormous amount of potential with milk, fertility and longevity in his background. A bull who should breed excellent replacement females. He is a son of JRP14-73 (JJ Park, Kingspark Bonsmaras) who was bred from GCD09-111 from the Craig Hanley herd, out of a LAR07-55 cow. Lot 36 has a very productive dam LAR09-315, 110/7 calves, SP Mat 137, a LAR06-224 daughter sold to Willie Anderson in 2018. She has a good record of retention producing 3 bulls for production sales in the past few years. Lot 36’s grandmother LAR04-256 is an Elite-Silver cow who produced consistently well with 105/11 calves with an average mass of 254kgs. She is now with Ruben Essakow of Essakov Bonsmaras. Looking at the extended pedigree of Lot 36, he has solid genes coming to the fore with DAJ05-055 (Justin Stirk) LAR07-055, LAR01-297 (see Lot 14) and LAR00-084 (7 co-ownerships) as well as the notable LAR06-224. Lot 36 has remarkable breeding values to back him, being very positive on wean 130 index, wean weight of 265kgs, exceptional on milk, +10.3 index 123 as well as growth 136 index and topping the D phase test at an index of 130. He has the right conformation with a good head, loose skin, a growthy disposition, excellent length, and depth and above all an attractive quality coat.

Lot 36 LAR17-429.JPG
Sire JRP14-073.JPG

Sire JRP 14-073

Dam LAR09-315.JPG

Dam LAR 09-315

Grand sire LAR06-224.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 06-224

LOT 37 

LAR 17-099

LAR 17-099 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 37 LAR17-099.JPG
Sire JRP09-81.JPG

Sire JRP 09-081

Dam LAR14-70.JPG

Dam LAR 14-070

Grand sire LAR07-055.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 07-055

LOT 38 

LAR 17-369

LAR 17-369 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 38 LAR17-369.JPG
Sire LAR14-173,,.JPG

Sire LAR 14-173

Grand sire LAR08-50.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 08-050

LOT 39 

LAR 17-189

LAR 17-189 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 39 LAR17-189.JPG
Sire. AJF13-415.JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

Dam LAR13-039.JPG

Dam LAR 13-039

LOT 40 

LAR 17-396

Off the sale.

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