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LOT 1 - 10

LOT 1 

LAR 17-292

LAR 17-292 Logix Pedigree Report

As history would have it we usually kick the sale off each year with a highly ranked bull , but this year Lot 1 is exceptional! He is a 4 star son of LAR14-173 (Maestro) out of a very good looking daughter of AG07-457, LAR12-140 who is in the herd with her mother, LAR04-209. She is an exceptional fertile old cow, 99/14 calves, ICP 370 days, who has had 14 calves and is pregnant with her 15th calf. She has 7 of her daughters in the herd. Quite an excellent retention record. We have used numerous LAR14-173 sons in the herd, because of their remarkable conformation with capacity, length, width and bulls with exceptional libido. We are very optimistic and happy with their progeny. This Lot 1 is no exception. He is a very correct well balanced bull with a strong top line, clean under line and a good masculine head with a very broad muzzle. We have used Lot 1 for 2 seasons, on heifers in a multiple sire group as well as on cows in the 2020 season. A bull, light on birth mass, 31 kgs -0.93 and good on growth 102 and post wean growth 105. A bull with well balanced EBV’s. We retain a semen share in this bull.

Lot 1 LAR17-292.JPG

LOT 2 

LAR 18-306

LAR 18-306 Logix Pedigree Report

This is one of 11 quality sons on offer sired by LFR15-032. We bought this herd sire in 2017 from Leon Riekert because of his attractive Bosveld hide and hair, capacity, width and a very strong head with notable loose skin and excellent hooves. LFR15-32’s sire is the popular proven sire HJL12-124, and he is out of one of the Riekert’s top female lines. The amalgamation of these Bosveld lines into Up George certainly did not disappoint and added invaluable traits into the genetic pool. Lot 2 is a fine example of how LFR15-32 breeds with his exceptional quality coat, well fleshed, broad and a good masculine head. A good sheath and big well formed testes. Lot 2 comes out of an exceptional female line. His dam LAR12-76 is a 5 star cow and is the sister (same dam LAR09-236) to Lot 18, LAR17-433. The grandmother LAR09-236, a 5 star cow as well, is the sister to the record price bull LAR14-173’s dam LAR10-159. Just to add to this already valuable line up of genes, Lot 2’s dam LAR12-76 is a daughter of the well used proven herd sire LAR07-55. This is a fantastic combination of genetics and has linked superbly well with the Vlakte bull LFR15-32. LFR15-32 a well used bull with 72 progeny in the herd, average birth weight of 34kg. Lot 2’s dam LAR12-76, has had 6 calves average birth weight of 35 kgs, 107/6, Sp Mat 110, ICP 384. Lot 2, a very attractive correct bull with few faults, a dark quality coat with an exceptional masculine head. A well balanced bull, broad over the shoulder and notably broad between the pin bones with a strong correct top line. Lot 2 a good allrounder with excellent EBV’s on wean, milk and growth and outstanding conformation with an exceptional pedigree.


LOT 3 

LAR 18-337

LAR 18-337 Logix Pedigree Report

This is another very fleshy 4 star son of LFR15-032 (see Lot 2) with exceptional depth and capacity, a good top line, good bone, sheath and well formed big testes, (44cm, +20.0) A bull with a beautiful broad masculine head and the notable trait of the quality coat of his sire. Lot 3 has sound breeding values right through, and above average on calf growth, wean and post wean with exceptional milk in the family. Lot 3 was good on wean with an index of 112, 273kg and continued to excel on D phase with an ADG of 114. An attractive trait for weaner production, growthy heavy calves that continue to perform post wean. Lot 3 has an impressive line up of females in his pedigree with exceptional milk. His dam LAR11-359 an Elite Silver cow (110/7 calves, 374 ICP) a fantastic cow who breeds one of the top weaners each year, and is a daughter of LAR07-90 who is known for his exceptional females with capacity and milk. We try to select breeding animals that posses traits for longevity, reproductive efficiency, efficient feed to meat conversion and a type that will produce desirable carcass composition and performance for the beef market. The ability of the individual animal to meet these requirements is shaped by heredity and the environment. Lot 3 certainly has the genetic potential and phenotype to fulfil these requirements.

Lot 3. LAR18-337.JPG

LOT 4 

LAR 18-203

LAR 18-203 Logix Pedigree Report

An attractive dark smooth coated bull who is one of 11 sons on sale by the sire LAR15-29 who is a son of the popular and well used ADV10-321. Lot 4 has a very well connected female line with his dam LAR08-256, being the impressive herd sire LAR07-55’s sister (same dam and LAR06-224 is her sire). Lot 4’s dam LAR08-256 is the combination of genetics of two of the best sires ever used at Up George, namely LAR06-224 and LAR07-55. This stalwart cow LAR08-256 is also the grand mother of the impressive herd sire LAR14-106 (Sold to Andre van der Heyde and Jean Gouws in 2019) This herd sire LAR14-106 is the sire of Lot 8 and Lot 17. LAR08-256 is still in the herd at 13 years old and has just weaned a very promising bull calf in 2021. This is a proven great. combination of LAR06-224 on the dam side and ADV10-321 on the sire side. Lot 4 is a good all-rounder, well adapted with correct conformation, a good head, broad over the back with a fleshy long hindquarter. A safe bull to use with good breeding values and an impressive background of desirable genetics for replacement females as well as heavy weaner production.

Lot 4 LAR18-203...JPG

LOT 5 

LAR 18-198

LAR 18-198 Logix Pedigree Report

This 4.5 star bull is the first of 13 sons from the proven herd sire LAR14-282 on sale. This herd sire LAR14-282 has bred really well in the Up George herd and is a son of JRP11-73 who stems from the old stalwart founder cow LAR95-50 line on his sire side. (See Lot 7) This herd sire LAR14-282 is notable for breeding excessive width in his progeny. Lot 5 has the typical traits of his sire, robust and tough looking with width, capacity and excellent length. Lot 5 has a beauty queen mother LAR12-354 who is an Elite Bronze cow with exceptional milk A productive, beautiful looking cow with perfect conformation, (scores 9) a sleek coat, feminine head with blacks points and a good udder. Milk figures 110/5 calves, ICP 377, SP Mat 106. Lot 5’s dam has had a 100% retention for  her 6 calves and they all have scored between 8 and 9. Lot 5 is very high on his wean direct, 116 index and weighed 290 kgs at wean. He can certainly add value with these traits for quality weaner production, with high EBVs for wean , post wean and growth.

Lot 5 LAR18-198.JPG

LOT 6 

LAR 17-417

LAR 17-417 Logix Pedigree Report

This impressive 4 star son of LAR14-200 is a very attractive quality bull with exceptional length and a perfect height/length ratio of 1:28. A robust bull with a very well developed hump, good masculine traits, excellent volume, capacity with a broad strong back. A positive trait from his sire is his attractive quality dark coat. Lot 6’s sire, LAR14-200 has bred 5 top quality sons on sale this year who will make a positive contribution to any herd. Lot 6 is a brother (same mother LAR10-49) to Lot 16, LAR18-448. This top quality dam LAR10-49 scores 9, (108/7 SP Mat 123, 107 RI) is an Elite-Gold cow and her dam LAR07-186 (Elite-Silver) is also the grandmother of Lot 21. A well connected sustainable genetic background in Lot 6 on both his sire and dam side. Lot 6 has outstanding EBV’s to back him, wean 125, milk 113, Post Wean 132, ADG 128. This bull adds genetic value to his profile.


LOT 7 

LAR 18-321

LAR 18-321 Logix Pedigree Report

A bull with a lot of qualities to like with his quality coat, capacity & width, masculine head and broad muzzle. He is a 4 star son of the good looking and well used bull LAR15-282 (Lot 14 in 2018 and bought by Lawrence Allem) LAR15-282 has 13 sons on sale, he has an extremely high retention rate for his calves, and is very prepotent breeding calves of a very high quality with tremendous width and capacity and blocks of beef! Lot 7’s dam LAR13-282, a very dark productive, feminine daughter of LAR07-55, exceptionally good on milk, 101/4 SP Mat 108, ICP 390, and weaning heavy, high scoring calves, with Lot 7 weighing 291 at wean, and her current heifer calf scoring a 9. She is certainly following in her Elite Gold mother’s footsteps, LAR00-227, 105/10 calves, ICP 373 days and a SP Mat of an exceptional 131. She is a daughter of VV96-318 who bred outstanding quality females who were mostly dark cherry red cattle with quality coats. Lot 7 a high scoring bull  & is a good allrounder with sound breeding values. Very high on wean, post wean and growth. Always an excellent trait to have in a bull for economical weaner production.

Lot 7 LAR18-321.JPG

LOT 8 

LAR 17-339

LAR 17-339 Logix Pedigree Report

It is a privilege to be afforded the opportunity in life to work & live with Bonsmara cattle. But when you are rewarded with such quality through this journey we all share, one realizes the true meaning of being grateful! Lot 8 is a bull who makes 3 decades of “packing the genes” worth it. He is a very correct quality proven herd sire from a profound genetic pool. Out of a “Royal Family” proven dam line, with an Elite Gold dam, LAR08-168 & an Elite Bronze grand dam LAR05-151, both cows are still in the herd with Lot 8’s dam, LAR08-168 is in a class of her own & is a very special offering on sale this year as Lot 83. Lot 8’s dam LAR08-168 has produced 3 top quality sons including Lot 20, LAR18-270 who is a LAR14-173 son, and LAR14-265 (Leon Riekert, Kobus Du Toit & Rubin Essakow) Lot 8’s dam is also the sister (same dam LAR05-151) to the ever popular herd sire LAR09-281. Lot 8’s sire, LAR14-106 (bought by Andre van der Heyde & Jean Gouws in 2019.) is a very attractive proven herd sire who’s dam is a LAR06-224 daughter & his grand dam is herd sire LAR07-55’s sister. This is a proven combination of 2 outstanding herd sires. Lot 8 has the qualities we are striving for with his easy fleshing capacity, exceptional length with a very strong, broad top line, a beautiful masculine head, broad muzzle and above all a notable dark glossy quality coat. A bull with a clean underline, tight sheath & perfect well formed testes which measure 46cm. Lot 8 is pure beef personified! Apart from his ideal conformation he has the backing of a profound genetic pool. We always pay attention to the all important female line for sustainable genetic improvement. Lot 8 has exceptional libido and fertility. He was used in the herd for 2 seasons, obtaining 100% of his cows in calf in both seasons. A medium framed bull with exceptional EBV’s, the most notable on wean, 130, calf growth 125, post wean 137,  excellent on growth, ADG 122. The ease of calving, birth maternal (daughter traits) is -0.07 which we take cognisance of as opposed to the Birth Direct value. This does not concern us as we understand that these estimated values are distorted in the Up George herd due to the fact that we don’t weigh our cows at calving. We cannot justify compromising the cow with a new born calf for the sake of a cow weight at birth to attain a more accurate birth direct value which is calculated according to the dams weight at birth. In the absence of this cow’s weight the calculation takes the SA Bonsmara cow herd average of 500kgs, whereas the cow herd average of the Up George herd is 590 kgs at weaning. More importantly LAR17-339’s summer crop of calves averaged 36kgs which is acceptable by our standards. We are very impressed with the uniformity, masculinity of bull calves and beefing qualities and beautiful feminine daughters of Lot 8. He is a very prepotent sire and certainly does stamp his progeny with quality, beautiful heads, good coats and very few faults. The heritability of qualitative phenotype is significant in the progeny of his calves. Herd sire selection is an all important decision, as males account for approximately 90% of the gene pool, contributing more to the genetic make up of a herd in one breeding season than a cow contributes in her life time. Selecting genetically superior sires is the fastest approach to herd improvement and profitability. High quality semen has been tapped from the bull and we retain a semen share.

Lot 8 LAR17-339.JPG

LOT 9 

LAR 18-247

LAR 18-247 Logix Pedigree Report

Another very attractive son of LAR15-282 (see Lots 5 & 7) A broad fleshy thickset bull with very masculine attributes, dark pigment and a good coat. Lot 9 is out of a beautiful daughter of BP10-17, LAR13-39 who is a very productive cow in the herd with excellent milk 113/4, Sp Mat 149, RI 104, ICP 373. She is a grand daughter of the famous cow LAR05-151 who is still in the herd and appears in quite a few top quality bulls. (see Lot 8) Lot 9, a bull with a very attractive genetic back ground and outstanding EBV’s. A very heavy attractive weaner, 290 kg with an index of 118 (143 EBV) and did exceptionally well in D phase growth test. These LAR15-282 sons performed exceptionally well on the growth test, and are medium framed heavy bulls with exceptional width and length.

Lot 9. LAR18-247.JPG

LOT 10 

LAR 17-394

LAR 17-394 Logix Pedigree Report

A tough, masculine and robust son of LAR14-64 (bought by Fourie Scheepers and Nick Serfontein in 2017) who has bred exceptionally well which is not surprising as he has an extremely well connected pedigree with LAR09-281 as his sire and his dam LAR11-39 (107/6, SP Mat 135) a beautiful daughter of LAR06-224 and now with Sebadja Bonsmaras. A very impressive pool of top genetics. The top price bull at Up George in 2020, LAR17-467 bought by Christoff Smit, was also sired by LAR14-64. Lot 10’s dam LAR11-195 a beautiful feminine daughter of LAR08-50 who has produced top females in the herd. The grand dam LAR04-350 is a very influential and productive Elite-Gold cow (105/11, ICP 384) with capacity and femininity and has produced 5 top daughters in the herd who follow closely in her footsteps. This Lot 10 has an exciting proven combination of genetics. Sire selection has proven to be a difficult decision considering all the given facts and selection traits. But the sustainability of selection is in the genetic evaluation and genetic prediction of an animal. The depth of pedigree & proven gene pool of a similar phenotype will typically be more predictable. Lot 10 is a very well put together bull with a perfect balance of muscling & fleshing ability. A block of pure quality beef! His attractive dark coat and correct balanced conformation add to his list of desired traits. Extremely strong over the shoulder and back, very broad with capacity, weight and short on the leg. This bull is recommended for heifers with a 29 kg birth mass, -0.65 (116 index) on birth direct & -0.26 on Birth maternal We used him in a multiple sire group of heifers as well as in a group of mature cows in 2020. We have tapped this bull & we retain a semen share.