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We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to take part in the 22nd Production Sale to be held at Up George Farm. Who would have thought that we would find ourselves in such trying times and that such a minute microorganism can leave the entire world in a state of anxiety and fear! But amid all the chaos, some good will prevail. There is a bigger plan laid out before us and we are privileged to have the opportunity to continue with our passion as cattle breeders of SA. We continue to strive for our goals in persuit to breed a herd of dependable, reliable and phenotypically correct Bonsmaras which will ultimately ensure easier selection for fellow cattleman when making their choices. We strive for a superior, wider selection of quality with uniformity which we can depend on to make a difference in other herds, and will continue to perform as we expect them to no matter how different and harsh the conditions are. We like to stick to our motto of

“Let the cattle do the talking”!

Top-quality females will be offered again this year with proven bloodlines. There is a group of Summer calving cows with their 2019 calves, (possible 3 in 1), Autumn cows with calves, (possible 3 in 1) cows in calf to calve in February/March 2021, as well as commercial heifers and cows in calf to top class Bonsmara bulls.
All cows offered will be pregnancy tested and certified 2 days before the sale. The pregnancy status will be indicated on each pen on the day of sale. There are top quality genetics in this group of cows. They are running with bulls LFR15-32, KBS15-154, LAR14-446, LAR17-339, (LAR14-106), LAR17-358, (son of LAR11-159, half-brother to LAR14-173)

VIEWING DAY: Thursday 2 July 2020
The Viewing day will take place as usual the day before the sale for interested buyers. There will be an informal viewing day of all animals on sale, as well as the mothers and grandmothers (in herd) of the bulls on sale. These will also be on view on the day of the sale. The viewing of bulls will take place in large camps at the Up George sale venue.
Viewing of all sale cattle is also welcome prior to the sale by appointment. Necessary travel permits can be issued to cross borders on request. Please contact the numbers below for arrangements.

Accommodation will be available at Thatcher’s Country Lodge and Fort Mistake Lodge who do have Essential Permits in place and follow strict Covid protocol and disinfecting for your safety. Please contact June Smith 083 389 6614 at Thatcher’s or Colla Meintjies 082 326 6335 at Fort Mistake Lodge, or alternately Tutu Ralfe at 0834403174.

All sale cattle will be transported free of charge to all areas in South Africa at the buyer’s risk. We request that you insure all animals in transit after the sale. Please give explicit directions and GPS coordinates with the loading instructions.

It is a pleasure for us at Up George to have the AAM team conduct the sale again this year. We are fortunate to work with such a competent, and professional team.
Brandon Leer will once again conduct the sale proceedings. We are privileged to have him in our team. His experience & guidance is significantly appreciated.

For sale terms and conditions, further enquiries, catalogues and sale information please refer to or email at or contact
Jaco Venter on 072 462 3401 or Johan Geldenhyus on 071 258 4079.


Any other inquiries, contact us at
Derek and Tutu Ralfe 071 687 8995. email or


Police Guidelines

As per Police Guidelines from the SAPS and National Operational Command Centre as from 1 May 2020.
It is stated in Appendix 3 item 3.1 (Police Guidelines available below) that “Agricultural related Auctions is a permitted activity in terms of Table 1 and therefore does not constitute a gathering.”
There is no limit to the number of people attending an auction.
The safety of our buyers is of utmost importance.
All safety measures will be adhered to on the day of sale.


  1. Traditional Live Auction

Take note: There is no limit on the number of people attending the auction.
There will be 2 sale tents erected.
The main sale tent will have a maximum of 100 people all 1.5m apart following Social Distancing protocol.
The first 100 registered buyers at the auction will have their seats booked in the main sale arena tent. All seats will be numbered with the corresponding buyer’s card.
The second tent will be equipped with a TV screen where the sale action will be screened, with live spotters where buyers can bid from. This tent will be erected in close proximity to the main tent.

  2. Online Bidding with SwiftVee

Register and bid online via cell phone App or online on your PC.
We would prefer all buyers to be at the auction, but if it is not possible, this is an online option as well as the options listed.
Ollie Aadnesgaard (AAM) 067 416 5194 (SwiftVee registrations and assistance)
  3. Phone Bidding
The traditional way of bidding over the phone via a person who will be present at the sale bidding on your behalf.
  4. Proxy Bidding
If a buyer cannot make it to the sale and is willing to give permission to an Agent/Auctioneers to select and bid on their behalf. This will be arranged prior to the sale.

Viewing is welcome by appointment prior to the sale.
All sale animals as well as the mothers of the bulls on sale, will be able to be viewed the day before the sale, Thursday 2nd July as in previous years.

Travel permits will be issued for people travelling to the sale as well as to view the sale animals before the sale. Please contact us for these travel permits.

All up to date information will be available on AAM website and Up George Bonsmaras website.

Or contact the following numbers:
Derek Ralfe 071 687 8995
Jaco Venter 072 462 3401
Johan Geldenhuys 071 258 4079
Ollie Aadnesgaard 067 416 5194
(SwiftVee registrations and assistance)

Police Guidelines

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