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SALE BULLS: 11-20 '24

LOT 11-20

LOT 11 

LAR 21-182

LAR 21-182 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 11 LAR21-182.JPG

LOT 12 

LAR 21-172

LAR 21-172 Logix Pedigree Report

A very stylish & attractive son of LAR17-339. (See Lot 8) with 10 sons from this impressive herd sire, LAR17-339 on sale. Lot 12 has a very masculine strong head, strong over his back and very long and broad. A well-muscled bull with no DM genes, a tight sheath and well-formed testes measuring41.5cm. A very active bull with presence and libido, a dark smooth coat and attractive dark points. His dam LAR14-180, a good looking thickset broad daughter of JRP11-73, who has another good 8.5 score heifer calf this year. This family breeds high scoring thickset animals. Lot 12, a birth mass of 33kg and a heavy weaner of 265kg, should breed good heavy tough well adapted weaners which isindicative of his wean direct value of 133, post wean 127 and growth 110. A bull who has a low height index and a high mature weight value indicating the right type of bull with capacity and weight but not a tall animal. Lot 12’s maternal grandmother, LAR05-042 was our best daughter of AG97-338 who bred the beautiful dam of herd sire LAR20-484. The combination of productive grandmothers on both sides including LAR05-151, 103/13 calves (Elite Bronze) LAR08-168, 104/10 calves (Elite Gold) andLAR05-42, 94/10 calves and LAR02-87 103/11 calves. With the combination of these fantastic old fertile cows with milk, in the pedigreeof Lot 12, it bodes well that he should breed exceptional fertile females with longevity and milk. This is the type of paper trail we use, with genetic sustainability, and using the actual measurements of weaner weights to select bulls to use to continue thegenetic importance of functional and economic breeding females. With the fluctuation of EBV’s and inaccuracy on milk EBVs for old well used breeding bulls, we tend not to pose too much importance on these milk figures. JRP11-73, Lot 12’s dam’s sire, hasbred some of the best females in the herd. Their conformation is faultless as well as their offspring. The 3 herd sires from JRP11-73which we used were exceptional, namely LAR17-358 (Andre van der Heyde) a well-known herd sire who has bred exceptional cattlethroughout the breed with 12 sons on sale. LAR15-282 (Lawrence Allem) a perfect looking bull with over 200 progeny in the breed. LAR17-003 who is the sire of Lot 6. Lot 12 being a grandson of JRP11-73 will certainly continue his sort after legacy. Weretain a semen share in this bull.

LOT 12 LAR21-172.JPG

LOT 13 

LAR 21-273

LAR 21-273 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 13 LAR21-273.JPG

LOT 14 

LAR 21-199

LAR 21-199 Logix Pedigree Report

This is an outstanding son of LAR17-292 (son of LAR14-173 and probably the best Maestro son wehave used) LAR17-292 being a bull with near perfect conformation, excessive length, a good broadtopline, capacity, well-muscled and is clean of the DM genes. LAR17-292 a prepotent sire who breedsthem with width over the shoulder, incredible length and volume. Lot 14 LAR21-199 is a typical son ofLAR17-292 who is exceptionally broad and long (1.29 HL ratio) with near perfect conformation and a strong masculine head and broad muzzle. Although his scrotal attachment is not aligned mid centre, we have used him since a year-old bull in a multi sire heifer group as well as on cows. This bull is the full package, well-muscled and also clean of DM genes like his sire, with proven, prepotent sustainable genetics in his background and he is very pleasing to the eye. His sire LAR17-292 has an exceptionally fertile dam  

LAR12-140 as well as her magnificent sisters in the herd all from the old stalwart cow LAR04-209. (Her son LAR20-203 is lot 4), & not to forget to mention LAR10-159 (LAR14-173’s dam) one of the greatest cows ever at Up George. Lot 14’s dam (LAR18-267 (101/3) is a beautiful dark smooth daughter of the proven herd sire LAR14-454 (sire LAR10-181) & her dam LAR15-171 is a daughter of LAR12-026 (LAR07-55 onto the stalwart Elite Gold daughter of LAR04-287, LAR07-223, 105/9) This bull Lot 14 is packed with top proven genetics & sort after combinations. An excellent all-rounder with very favourable breeding values. Lot 14 has been used in the stud on heifers in a multi-sire group as well as used on cows. We retain a semen share and he has been successfully tapped.

LOT 14 LAR21-199.JPG

LOT 15 

LAR 21-445

LAR 21-445 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 15 LAR21-445.JPG

LOT 16 

LAR 21-097

LAR 21-097 Logix Pedigree Report

A very attractive 4 star son of LAR17-292. This herd sire LAR17-292 (top son of LAR14- 173) hasbred exceptionally well. Very correct conformation with length, width and capacity, good broad masculine heads and well-muscled cattle without carrying the DM gene. Lot 16 is a perfect example of these traits. He is very broad over the shoulder with an exceptional head, balance and volume. His beautiful dam LAR18-442, a very broad thickset daughter of well used herd sire LAR14-106 (with JeanGouws and Andre van der Heyde) LAR18-442 will be a top lot on sale with a heifer calf at foot. Her second calf LAR23-506 is a promising top performer 8 score LAR17-358 bull calf with ADG index of 116. This genetic combination in Lot 16, of two prominent herd sires, LAR14-173 and LAR14-106 has proved to be very successful and sort after.

We have used this bull in the stud and we look forward to his progeny with anticipation. Lot 16 is an excellent all-rounder with perfect

conformation, light on birth mass 28kg and favourable breeding values with growth.

LOT 16 LAR21-097.JPG

LOT 17 

LAR 21-381

LAR 21-381 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 17 LAR21-381.JPG

LOT 18 

LAR 21-284

LAR 21-284 Logix Pedigree Report

A beautifully balanced 4.5 star son of the very successful herd sire LAR17-358 (Andre van der Heyde) LAR17-358 is a brother to Maestro, LAR14-173 and LAR19-319 (Francois Bornman) all out of the exceptional dam LAR10-159. Lot 18 a quality bull showing great potential right from weaningwith his presence, masculinity, early maturing and excellent conformation. It is very favourable andprofitable as in Lot 18, to have the early maturing traits combined with growth. The influence on economyas in Lot 18, of low birth mass, 28kg and a good wean weight of 264kg, with exceptional growth post wean,134 EBV, a final D phase test weight of 405kg, index 101, and low on height 92 EBV is very attractive. The weight distribution and balance is what we are striving to breed, in length, width and volume.LAR17-358 tends to get this balance right in his progeny as well as breeding high scoring animals withvery correct and desirable conformation and with the most beautiful fertile females with exceptional milk and udders. LAR17-358 has 12 sons on sale. 

Lot 18’s female genetic influence is exceptional and above average on milk and fertility. 

His dam LAR18-440 with exceptional milk 105/2 for a young cow, is a beautiful dark smooth quality daughter of LAR15-282 (Lawrence Allem and Nick Serfontein) who is also a son of the very influential herd sire JRP11-73. This very successful herd sire has bred the most exceptional females in the herd, and the broadest cattle in the stud with heavy thickset high performing weaners. He is the sire of LAR17-358 so Lot 18 is line bred toJRP11-73. Another important trait of the LAR17-358 sons is their excellent carcass value which is the direct value on meat yield on acarcass. Lot 18 has an incredible value of 130. We used Lot 18 as from a year old bull for 2 seasons and we look forward to hisinfluence in the future of the herd. We retain a semen share. He has been successfully tapped. One co-ownership has been taken for an Embryo program.

LOT 18 LAR21-284.JPG

LOT 19 

LAR 21-170

LAR 21-170 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 19 LAR21-170.JPG

LOT 20 

LAR 21-220

LAR 21-220 Logix Pedigree Report

A very hardy, attractive and tough looking 5 star son of LAR17-358. (See Lot 18) This bull Lot 20 is a successful combination of LAR17-358 onto a LAR14-173 daughter to double up on one of the best ever cows at Up George, LAR10-159. The positive result being an early maturing animal with growthand a fantastic carcass value. These traits are most desirable for the beef industry in SA in producing that economical carcass. The adaptability of Lot 20, a bull who never loses condition, is definitely the way forward in the competitive breeding schemes under harsh conditions and climatechange in SA. Lot 20 a bull low on birth 32kg with exceptional growth, Weaner Calf 129, Post wean 134,Growth 127 and short on the leg. He has faultless conformation, exceptionally broad and a very masculinepresence with balance of flesh and muscling. Lot 20 has an exceptional 5 star dam and grand dam coming out of females with an abundance of milk. With this genetic combination, line breeding to the exceptional cow LAR10-159, one would expect this Lot 20 to breed bothextraordinary females and bulls. We have used him in the stud and look forward to his progeny. We keep a semen share of this bull.

LOT 20 LAR21-220.JPG
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