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SALE BULLS: 1-10 '23

LOT 1 - 10

LOT 1 

LAR 20-005

LAR 20-005 Logix Pedigree Report

An attractive dark coated quality bull to start the sale. A bull we have used in the stud & is the perfect type of bull to open heifers & to add value in replacement females from first calvers. Lot 1 has a proven, tried & tested genetic background with a combination of top genetics. His sire is LAR16-453 (Lot 6 in 2020 bought by Boeram Venter & is the brother, same dam, to prolific herd sire LAR12-026 also Boeram Venter) Lot 1’s sire’s dam, LAR09-231 is an exceptional 5 star, Elite Gold cow and still in the herd at 14 years and just weaned her 11th calf. She has 100% pass rate for all her calves on their various performance tests and inspections. LAR16-453, with 7 sons on sale, bred notable traits with very good masculine heads, dark quality coats, good top lines & exceptional width. Lot 1 is no exception. Lot 1’s dam, LAR13-236 (who unfortunately succumbed to theft) was a beautiful correct cow, a daughter of LAR09-349 (son of LAR04-287, see Lot 8) who had exceptional width, muscling with a strong masculine head. Lot 1’s grand dam LAR04-046 (104/8 calves, ICP 375) was the most beautiful & productive AG98-338 daughter out of a truly remarkable iconic old cow LAR02-030, 104/11, ICP 387 (who is in most top bulls & females pedigrees who had 6 daughters in the herd) These herd sires with a combination of historic genetic value can add immense value in the all important heifer replacement. A safe bull to use with an exceptionally well connected genetic pool and stable selection values. We retain a semen share in this bull.


LOT 2 

LAR 20-054

LAR 20-054 Logix Pedigree Report

A very neat and correct son of LAR16-470. This herd sire, a son of the impressive BG12-043 was used to open heifers and has 6 sons on sale out of first calvers. Lot 2’s dam LAR17-049 (102/3 and in the herd) is a highly productive cow, a lot of milk and growth, breeds heavy weaners, who comes from the LAR06-224 line which compliments the LAR16-470 line. Lot 2 is a bull with a good masculine head and strong muzzle, very broad well muscled bull who doesn’t carry the DM gene, a strong top line and with traits of a tough hardy bull with adaptability under any conditions. Adaptability is one of the all important factors under today’s pressures of economic value in beef breeding. A bull must withstand and perform under all harsh conditions to be of value in the beef production chain. Lot 2, a bull with a light birth mass of 31kg, excellent calf growth, Calf Growth Value 131 and heavy on wean, 285kg actual, Wean Direct 120 index, Growth Value 131. Lot 2, a D phase score of 8 did exceptionally well on D phase ADG 128, FCR 114 and with a Post Wean of 123. Phenotypically and genetically a bull who should adapt to any environment and add value.


LOT 3 

LAR 20-275

LAR 20-275 Logix Pedigree Report

A 5 star son of LAR17-358 with exceptional genetic value. (LAR17-358, Lot 8 in 2022 bought by Andre van der Heyde. Brother to LAR14-173) LAR17-358 was used very extensively in the herd for 3 seasons where he successfully opened heifers and was used on mature cows. One of the most well used herd sires at Up George with 102 progeny, average birth mass of 30kgs and an average wean index of 102 and 18 month index for heifers of 102. His bull calves excelled on D Phase as top performers. LAR17-358 has bred exceptional well adapted females and the top priced heifer at the 2023 National sale was sired by him. His impressive progeny, with a light birth mass and exceptional calf growth, continue to grow and excel on any performance test, producing the top performers with a high retention and high conformation scores. He breeds the right type, with volume, length and width and are short on the leg with the desired heavy body mass. Well adapted animals with performance. Lot 3 has a very well connect pedigree out of a string of top class dams. His dam LAR08-115, (107/10 calves, 384 ICP) a magnificent Elite Gold 5 star cow, an embryo cow with Baszohn Bonsmaras. The grand dam and great grand dam were both top cows with milk, fertility and longevity, LAR04-130 (103/12, ICP 370) and LAR92-101 (105/13 calves). Lot 3 is recommended for heifers, and can be utilized in a maternal breeding program with confidence. A semen share in this bull is retained.


LOT 4 

LAR 20-257

LAR 20-257 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a very attractive son of LAR17-339. (A top herd sire bought by Eloff and Stephan Muller in 2021, Tambaraine Bonsmaras) LAR17-339 has bred exceptionally well, both beautiful females, feminine and with capacity and volume with beautiful heads, as well as bulls. Very seldom do you get a sire who breeds just as good females as bulls. The sons of LAR17-339 will make a pronounced difference in the efforts to increase beefing qualities in any beef herd in SA. They have quality coats, incredible volume, width, length & very good broad heads. LAR17-339 stamps the beefing qualities on all his progeny. One notable and important trait is that they have adaptability under harsh conditions and keep their condition well. This is an exceptional trait, especially for cattle to pack on the weight & sustain that conformation & weight through extreme conditions. LAR17-339 has had 87 progeny in the herd, & a very high retention rate. His progeny have high conformation scores & are productive with excellent performance in any given test with an 88% pass rate on both females and bulls. Lot 4 is a perfect example of these traits. He is the right size and the right type for all SA conditions. Lot 4 a heavy bull, short on the leg, a heavy weaner, wean direct 145, with excellent post wean and growth 137 value, and an exceptional carcass value of 143. Lot 4’s dam LAR15-448, a cow with good milk and always breeds a top weaner with a full brother to Lot 4 with a high conformation score of 8.5.


LOT 5 

LAR 20-389

LAR 20-389 Logix Pedigree Report

A good looking masculine, easy fleshing type of bull with a good head, broad over the shoulder & back. Lot 5’s sire LAR17-369 is a son of LAR14-173, with 8 sons on sale. This sire LAR17-369, a very fleshy type of bull with capacity & length, is out of a LAR08-050 daughter, LAR12-181 (104/6 calves) who is now with Sebadja Bonsmaras. Lot 5 has a fantastic proven dam line. The grandmother is LAR08-156 (111/4) an embryo donor at Baszohn Bonsmaras in Mooi Rivier at 15 years old. She is the perfect type of LAR06-224 daughter with the capacity, volume, width & length we all strive to breed. She is the daughter of the stalwart cow LAR04-350 (104/12 calves) who is with Rubin Essakow at 19 years old. Genetics will always remain of equal importance to herd selections, nutrition & animal health in the ever demanding environment for improved economic beef cattle. A good all round bull with a strong pedigree behind him, as well as sound EBVs.


LOT 6 

LAR 20-284

LAR 20-284 Logix Pedigree Report

An impressive 4.5 star son of the proven herd sire LAR17-339. (Bought by Eloff and Stephen Muller, Tambaraine Bonsmaras) see Lot 4. This herd sire LAR17-339 has bred exceptionally and consistently well. His 2020 crop of bull calves on D phase were very impressive with a 100% pass rate. His heifers on 18 month test also had a 100% pass rate on performance and conformation. This bull Lot 6, carries very similar qualities of his sire with his incredible capacity, depth, width and beautiful masculine head. His dark shiny coat adds to all these positive characteristics. He is short on the leg with all these positive attributes, well muscled, well fleshed and doesn’t carry the DM gene. We find these high performing bulls with this type of conformation an exceptional attribute to beef economics as they grow in length and volume as opposed to height. The ideal type of bull we strive to breed. The Bull’s pedigree is one of the most valuable tools in herd sire selections. Lot 6 has an incredible and proven combination of 3 established Bonsmara herds with “old “ proven pedigrees. Lot 6’s sire, LAR17-339 stemming from the old founder Up George cow LAR05-151 in combination with LAR06-224 and AG98-338 two generations back. Lot 6’s dam, LAR15-061 (110/5 calves, ICP 386 and all 5 calves scoring 8 and higher) a daughter of the prominent herd sire BG04-088 who did exceptionally well in the Up George herd producing 2 influential herd sires in the breed LAR07-055 and LAR07-090. The combination of these iconic Bonsmara SA genetics have proved to be invaluable with a bull of such quality as Lot 6. A bull with exceptional selection values on wean, milk, fertility and growth, a heavy mature weight index and low on height. The ideal selection values complementing this bull’s perfect phenotype. We retain a semen share in this bull.


LOT 7 

LAR 20-297

LAR 20-297 Logix Pedigree Report

This grandson of LAR14-173 is a 5 star, 8 point score bull with exceptional qualities. Well fleshed, with exceptional length, strong top line and a well established genetic combination with his sire LAR17-369 (son of LAR14-173 and 8 sons on sale) and an incredible dam line with milk, fertility and longevity. Lot 7’s grand mother LAR11-087 (112/7 calves, ICP 376) is a daughter of the sire  LAR08-50 who’s well renowned for breeding excellent productive females. This incredible Elite Gold cow is now with Pieter Herbst, Umvozana Bonsmaras and had 2 calves in one year in 2021. One in January and one in December! Quite a feat for such a high producing 11 year old cow. Her dam LAR00-231, was also a high producing fertile cow 112/11 calves. This Lot 7 should breed outstanding replacement daughters (cow value 128) as well as heavy profitable weaners (weaner calf value 134) for functional efficiency in feedlot conditions (ADG 126). These are all profitable traits which include adaptability,  fertility and longevity. Lot 7 has an incredible length/ height ratio of 1:25, excellent on fertility, 111 index with large well formed testes measuring 44cm. A well balanced bull suitable for all breeding programs in the beef industry.


LOT 8 

LAR 19-373

LAR 19-373 Logix Pedigree Report

This bull certainly takes the meaning of “special” to the next level. He is truly extraordinary and a real privilege for all Bonsmara enthusiasts to admire. He is the closest we at Up George will ever get to breeding the most ideal and perfect bull. Phenotypically he has everything – everything a stockman aspires to breed and more. Lot 8 is a true lesson in the importance of visual appraisal. A proven herd sire who is difficult to fault, well balanced with his easy fleshing and prevalent muscling and does not carry the double muscled gene. A notable characteristic of his progeny and genetic traits is that he transfer these inherent muscling traits to his progeny without carrying the mutated Myostatin double muscling gene. This is a very favourable trait in the ever evolving science of cattle breeding to breed well muscled cattle without the inherent double muscled gene. Lot 8 carries an astonishing amount of weight in his length, (length/ height ratio of 1:27), width and general capacity, but is short on the cannon bone, has an incredibly strong top line, full behind the shoulder and fleshes well into the hump with a broad back, and an incredible length of eye muscle. A better head one will not find, with his exceptional strong broad muzzle, width between the eyes and eye bank. He has character, houding, is very athletic and plenty libido. Lot 8 has a perfect clean sheath with large well formed straight testes measuring 46cm with high quality semen which has a direct impact on inherent fertility which will improve the reproductive performance of his progeny. Genetics and pedigree are of equal importance as is the phenotype in cattle selection. Lot 8’s dam LAR08-245 (103/10 calves, 11th calf at foot) is an incredible stalwart cow, still highly productive in the herd at 15 years old. She is the daughter of the highly sort after old proficient genetics, LAR04-287 who bred top cows in the herd with adaptability, milk, fertility and longevity. LAR08-245’s daughter, LAR11-039 (sister to Lot 8, LAR19-373) is the dam of legendary herd sire LAR14-064, bought by Fourie Scheepers and Nick Serfontein in 2017 and later sold to Sebadja Bonsmaras as a 7 year old bull who is still proving his worth as an old proven herd sire. These proven genetics are invaluable in determining how the value chain of cattle breeding flourishes and succeeds. The art of understanding an animal’s pedigree is extremely valuable. A true master of the art is Leon Riekert, LFR Bonsmara Stud, who bred the sire of Lot 8, LFR15-032. He was bought as a young 2 year old bull in 2017 and flourished as a influential herd sire at Up George bringing in desirable Bosveld traits as a result of the vigilant and proficient pairings and masterminding of genetic trait combinations. LFR15-032 was a true testament of these well thought out combinations which linked perfectly in the Up George herd producing 20 top bulls on the Up George production sales as well as 3 herd sires. LFR15-032 is now with Pieter Herbst, Umvozana Bonsmaras in Greytown. Lot 8 will be a true attribute to the beef industry in SA. We retain a semen share in this bull and 2 Co-ownerships have already been taken. The bull has been successfully tapped and he sells with 7 shares.


LOT 9 

LAR 20-502

LAR 20-502 Logix Pedigree Report

A well balanced and broad 4 star son of LAR18-018 (LAR14-173 son) who was bought by Leon Riekert and Andries Kruger in 2021. This prepotent herd sire has bred cattle with volume and capacity like himself. With the sustainable genetic background of this calibre, with his sire LAR14-173 and his dam a beautiful LAR06-224 daughter, LAR11-040 (108/4) the predictability of the bull breeding volume and capacity is a given. This is evident in his 7 sons on sale. Lot 9 with his exceptional Weaner Calf value of 128, wean direct index of 128, Post Wean index of 146 and an excellent carcass value of 136. These are all profitable and fundamental traits of adaptability and functional efficiency which need to be considered in selection of bulls for the economical production of beef and high yielding carcasses. Lot 9, a bull who can efficiently contribute to these criteria in any breeding program.


LOT 10 

LAR 18-422

LAR 18-422 Logix Pedigree Report

This 4.5 star, 9 score bull is one of the most sentimental bull’s ever bred at Up George. He is the last son of the legendary bull LAR14-173 (Maestro) to be sold at Up George and we have certainly kept the best for last! His dam LAR05-151, an 18 year old iconic Elite 4 star cow is still in the herd pregnant again with her 14th calf, as well as being an embryo donor. This superb cow has 2 sons on sale this year, Lot 10 and Lot 18, both been used in the herd. LAR05-151 (104/13 calves) is also the dam of the well know and successful herd sire LAR09-281 and the dam of the Elite Gold cow LAR08-168 who is the dam of herd sire LAR17-339 (Tambaraine Bonsmaras) with 12 sons on sale. Lot 10 carries numerous qualities of his dam with his exceptional length, dark quality coat and remarkable temperament. A heavy bull, short on the leg with big correct, well formed testes, a neat sheath and long tail. A very fertile bull with libido and exceptional quality semen. A very attractive masculine bull who is difficult to fault. An interesting fact learnt from Paraguayan beef ranchers is that they select for a fleshy well developed dewlap for efficient heat control in the hot summer months as Lot 10 has. Lot 10 a prepotent sire with likeable progeny who carry his striking traits, dark pigment, strong toplines and the desirable capacity. His average birth mass for 20 calves in his first season is 34kgs. Lot 10’s sons on D phase have the top average ADG index of 108 and his female progeny an average 18 month index of 105. These adaptability traits in a harsh mountainous climate are reflected in the sires incredible Post Wean value of 142 and the ADG growth value of 126. He breeds true to type phenotypically and genomically. Genetics and pedigree are extremely valuable when selecting herd sires. Lot 10 is a culmination of one of the best sires and cows ever bred at Up George. This is a very sentimental phenomena and all we can wish for as passionate cattlemen is that LAR18-422 will endure a long and successful road in the Bonsmara industry. We retain a semen share and 3 co-ownerships have already been taken. He sells with 6 available shares.

LAR18-422 Lot 10.JPG
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