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4 Heifers in calf on offer

A live auction will be held at the Afridome in Parys


LOT 16

LAR 20-346  

LAR 20-346 Logix Pedigree Report

A 4.5 star heifer with an outstanding combination of bloodlines on both sire & dam side. Lot 16’s sire, LAR18-16 is a son of the stalwart 20 year old cow LAR02-180.  Lot 16’s dam is a daughter of LAR10-159’s sister (Dam of LAR14-173 & LAR17-358). A predictable genetic foundation – fertility, longevity, milk & growth.  She is 4 months pregnant to bull LAR20-385, who is a son of LAR17-358 out of the cow LAR08-256, who is the sister to herd sire LAR07-55.

Lot 16
Lot 16 LAR20-346.jpg

LAR 20-346 Family 


LOT 40

LAR 20-156  

LAR 20-156 Logix Pedigree Report

A 5-star, 9 score heifer with a combination of iconic bloodlines, exceptional conformation and is 4 months in calf to LAR17-292 (He is one of the best LAR14-173 sons used in the Up George herd). Lot 40 is a daughter of the well known herd sire LAR17-339, top price bull in 2021. She is the full package with outstanding breeding values to back her. Exceptional on milk, fertility, calf growth and cow value.

Lot 40

LAR 20-156 Family 


Lot 40 LAR20-156.jpg

LOT 41

LAR 20-271  

LAR 20-271 Logix Pedigree Report

A beautiful quality daughter of the pre-potent herd sire LAR17-358. These LAR17-358 daughters are proving to be remarkable and functional females in the herd. The traits of his exceptional dam line are influential in conformation & performance. Lot 41 is 4 months in calf to LAR21-072, a promising young son of LAR18-016.

Lot 41

LAR 20-271 Family 


Lot 41 LAR20-271.jpg

LOT 60

LAR 20-093 

LAR 20-093 Logix Pedigree Report

A 4-star quality daughter of LAR18-041 (Top price LAR14-173 son sold at Up George in 2021 to Laurence Allem). Lot 60 is out of a very special dam line. Herd sire LAR17-292 and Lot 60’s dam, LAR17-038 have the same grandmother, LAR04-209 (Elite Gold, 5 star, 98/14 calves). Lot 60 is 3 months in calf to a multiple-sire group of promising young LAR bulls.

Lot 60

LAR 20-093 Family 


Lot 60 LAR20-093.jpg
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