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Bull Descriptions

Understanding Selection Values

SALE BULLS: 1-10 '22

LOT 1 - 10

LOT 1 

LAR 19-144

LAR 19-144 Logix Pedigree Report

As history would have it we will kick off the 2022 auction with a top quality bull. Lot 1 with his attractive dark smooth coat, beautiful masculine head and the characteristic of his grandfather LAR06-224 with his exceptional capacity, depth and width. His dam LAR16-034 (110/3 calves, ICP385 ) a beautiful dark feminine A frame daughter of LAR06-224, comes out of a very high milk producing, fertile family with exceptionally good weaner value traits, and with high scoring conformation traits of 8+ for all her progeny so far. Lot 1 has a proven genetic history of sustainable cow values, milk, fertility and production values. We have used Lot 1 in a group of first calvers and look forward to his progeny bringing in the dominant characteristics of his proven genetic background. Lot 1’s sire, LAR16-053 was also Lot 1 in 2019, bought by Arthur De Villiers, and has 5 son’s on sale this year. His sire SYF13-117, a beautiful dark smooth long bull who was well used in many herds in SA. We retain a semen share in this Lot 1.

LOT 1 LAR 19-144.JPG

LOT 2 

LAR 19-173

LAR 19-173 Logix Pedigree Report

This bull is exceptionally well bred on both sire and dam sides. He is a striking son of LAR15-290, with a strong masculine head, good “houding” and presence and always catches the eye, with his dark quality coat. A bull with balance, a strong top line, broad over the shoulder with good length and capacity. Lot 2’s sire LAR15-290, (Lot 10 in 2019) sold to Boeram Venter, has bred exceptionally well, both bulls and remarkable females with two of his daughters being sold for record prices at the National Sale in 2022 to Andre van der Heyde, Boshoek Bonsmaras. LAR15-290 is an exceptional herd sire whos 'sire is LAR11-071 (a well used son of LAR06-224 originally bought by Louis Myburg in 2015), and his dam LAR06-419 (still with Sebadja Bonsmaras) A beautiful cow with capacity and volume. 98/11 calves, ICP 379 days and her dam LAR96-212 101/11 calves, a functional cow with excellent milk and fertility. Lot 2 has a beautiful looking feminine dam, LAR14-266 who scores 8.5, and is out of a female line with excellent milk. This dam LAR14-266 sire is the very popular bull LAR10-181 who has bred some of the best females in the Up George herd with his width and exceptional capacity coming through in his daughters. LAR10-181 is a son of LAR08-54 who also bred the dam of legendary LAR14-173. (See Lot 8) and LAR10-181 is a brother (same dam) to the Elite Gold cow LAR08-226 on sale this year and she is also the dam of Lot 4. The depth of pedigree in this Lot 2 is remarkable and lends itself towards the predictability of genetic sustainability.

LOT 2 LAR19-173.JPG

LOT 3 

LAR 19-058

LAR 19-058 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a very well balanced 4 star son of CEF13-317. A very attractive and correct bull with a quality coat, good head and skof. A masculine bull with good libido, well formed testes measuring 42cm, a tidy underline and a bull with excellent length and width. CEF13-317 has bred exceptionally well in the Up George herd with well adapted offspring who are very well fleshed and have the desired capacity and growth in length and width. The right size and type for any conditions.  These sons are definitely in the right category for breeding heavy weaners with performance and sustainability for feedlot conditions requiring minimal backgrounding. Economical and profitable cattle. Weaner Calf value of 119 (wean mass of 290kg) as well as the all important wean direct value index, of 126(indicating milk and calf growth) and post wean index of 136 indicating adaptability under any circumstances. For economical sustainability it is imperative for a weaner calf to adapt post wean to all conditions whether it be feedlot, growth and maturity for replacement females and bulls. Lot 3 is no exception and comes out of a well connected family on his dam side with his dam LAR16-347 ( milk selection value of 105, fertility 111) a beautiful feminine daughter of LAR13-032 (Boeram Venter) who is a half brother to Lot 8 LAR17-358 and Maestro LAR14-173, who all have the same dam LAR10-159 (See Lot 8) Lot 3 is a very promising bull with exceptional qualities in both conformation, breeding and well balanced EBV’s. Lot 3 a bull who is DM gene free has been used to open heifers. We retain a semen share in this bull.

LOT 3 LAR19-058.JPG

LOT 4 

LAR 19-013

LAR 19-013 Logix Pedigree Report

This attractive son of LAR14-446 is packed with beef and has incredible volume. Extremely well fleshed bull with a good top line, tight sheath and big well formed testes, 43cm, and strong masculine traits. His sire LAR14-446 (now with Johan Goosen) was his mother LAR95-50’s last calf at 19 years old! (111/15 calves) She was a stalwart cow in the Up George Herd and is also the dam of 20 year old cow LAR02-180 who is still in the herd. (108/15 calves) LAR14-446’s sire is LAR12-26 (Boeram Venter) a well bred herd sire in his own right with the legendary sire of LAR07-55. Lot 4 has an extremely well connected pedigree on both sire and dam side, with depth and history going back a few generations. Lot 4’s dam LAR08-226, Elite Gold, 5 star cow  (on sale at Lot 85, Lot 2) LAR08-226 an incredible cow who has bred extremely well with 4 daughters in the herd, 105/11 calves, ICP 384 days. Her dam LAR01-433 101/13 calves 384 ICP, also the dam of herd sire LAR10-181 (see Lot 2) With this sustainable extended pedigree, we expect Lot 4 to breed exceptional females with milk, fertility and longevity. Lot 4, a heavy winter-calf weaner at 280kg, high on wean direct and calf growth, (weaner calf value 136. wean direct 132, wean maternal 113) could easily make a difference in productivity in a herd striving to breed heavy weaners as well as efficient replacement heifers with milk.

LOT 4 LAR19-013.JPG

LOT 5 

LAR 19-294

LAR 19-294 Logix Pedigree Report

This son of AG15-738 is a block of beef! A very good head, deep, fleshy body with the desired width, a good top line with a neat tail setting. A lot to like about this attractive son of AG15-738 who has 8 sons on sale. AG15-738 has bred well in the Up George herd with a high retention rate. AG15-738, a dark bull with a very good masculine head with proven genes in his background with his sire AG09-751 (well used by Arthur De Villiers & Paul Mare as well as a semen donor) paternal grandsire CEF04-431, a very dark attractive masculine bull with exceptional character traits in width & length. The depth of pedigree on AG15-738 dam line is sought after with the likes of predecessors AGN4, AGK66, AGJ8, AGD103, AGH1. The foundation genetics of the popular AG herd. Lot 7 has a good combination of genetics with his dam LAR16-384 being a daughter of LAR12-455, a bull with capacity & depth & bred excellent females. Lot 7 has the same combination of genetics on his dam & sire side as Lot 21.

LOT 5 LAR19-294.JPG

LOT 6 

LAR 19-329

LAR 19-329 Logix Pedigree Report

This impressive 4 star son of LAR14-200 is a very attractive quality bull with exceptional length and a perfect height/length ratio of 1:28. A robust bull with a very well developed hump, good masculine traits, excellent volume, capacity with a broad strong back. A positive trait from his sire is his attractive quality dark coat. Lot 6’s sire, LAR14-200 has bred 5 top quality sons on sale this year who will make a positive contribution to any herd. Lot 6 is a brother (same mother LAR10-49) to Lot 16, LAR18-448. This top quality dam LAR10-49 scores 9, (108/7 SP Mat 123, 107 RI) is an Elite-Gold cow and her dam LAR07-186 (Elite-Silver) is also the grandmother of Lot 21. A well connected sustainable genetic background in Lot 6 on both his sire and dam side. Lot 6 has outstanding EBV’s to back him, wean 125, milk 113, Post Wean 132, ADG 128. This bull adds genetic value to his profile.

LOT 6 LAR 19-329.JPG

LOT 7 

LAR 19-442

LAR 19-442 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 7 LAR19-442.JPG

LOT 8 

LAR 17-358

LAR 17-358 Logix Pedigree Report

It certainly is a privilege to have the opportunity to infuse genetics of such calibre of this bull Lot 8, into the Up George Herd. The genetic sustainability of Lot 8’s dam LAR10-159 has had an enormous influence on the progeny of Lot 8. His dam LAR10-159, an Elite-Gold 5 star cow, visual score of 9/9 & an all important 100% retention rate for all 9 calves so far. All 5 bull of her bull calves have been used in the herd. Most importantly the proven bulls being Lot 8, LAR17-358, Maestro LAR14-173 who needs no introduction and LAR13-032 (Boeram Venter) All 3 of these herd sires have added extraordinary genetic value to numerous herds in SA. This dam of Lot 8, LAR10-159 (106/9 calves ICP 380) is out of a high milk producing, fertile family with an outstanding dam LAR02-268, 104/13 calves ICP 376 & grand dam LAR05-189, 102/7 calves. Lot 8’s sire JRP11-073, a bull bought from JJ Park (Kingspark 

Bonsmaras) who is bred out of LAR bloodlines with excessive width & correct conformation going back to the grandmother LAR98-333 who is a sister, same dam, to the legendary 20 year old cow LAR95-050. (See Lot 4) JRP11-73 a dark robust thickset bull with capacity, good masculine traits with an outstanding broad topline. He was used very successfully to open heifers for 2 seasons, as well as on cows & bred the notable herd sire LAR15-282. (bought by Laurence Allem in 2018.) Lot 8 is a prepotent sire who certainly stamps his progeny & has reset the benchmark with remarkable qualities of width, capacity, balance & uniformity in his offspring both males & females. These calves of LAR17-358 are consistently at the top end on performance & conformation, they are in a class of their own no matter the age group & have proven to be high performing, early maturing cattle with growth in the right place, in length, width & volume. They are heavy weaners & have proved to continue to adapt, thrive & perform under all conditions. These adaptability traits are of economical importance for genetic improvement & playing an important role in climate change adaption. Physical characteristics remain important & visual evaluation is still a key part of the selection. Lot 8, a thick, heavy bull with remarkable capacity & volume (L/H ratio of 1:27) full behind the shoulder with a very strong top line, a neat tail setting and a very tidy underline with a tight sheath. He is well-muscled, well fleshed & does not carry the double muscled gene. We recommend this bull to open heifers (Calving ease value 124) as we have used him to open heifers successfully for 2 seasons, as well as on top cows. He has 65 progeny so far with an average birth mass of 31kgs on heifers and cows. Lot 8’s calves are low on birth & have an incredible ability to grow, perform & mature from a very early age & continue this growth pattern into maturity. This is indicative of the old term of a “curve bender”. We have strategically used Lot 8 LAR17-358 on his half brother LAR14-173’s daughters very successfully. This was to line breed back to their remarkable dam LAR10-159 to lock in her spectacular desirable traits. A good example of this exercise is the cow LAR17-300, a daughter of LAR14-173 who is on sale this year with her Lot 8, LAR17-358 heifer calf LAR22-022. See. We retain a semen share & 3 co-ownerships have been taken in this Lot 8, LAR17-358.

LOT 8 LAR17-358.JPG

LOT 9 

LAR 19-410

LAR 19-410 Logix Pedigree Report

A dark sleek masculine son of LAR14-106 (Lot 6 in 2019, sold to Andre van der Heyde and Jean Gouws and has 8 sons on sale) with an extremely strong attractive head, broad over the shoulders with a strong top line which is very characteristic of his sire. Well fleshed broad hind quarter and big well formed testes, 40cm.  Lot 9 has an incredible depth of proven genetic history. His grand dam LAR02-81 was an incredible cow with an excellent track record. Lot 9’s dam LAR13-253, still in the herd, is one of LAR02-81’s 4 daughters who are still in the herd, including LAR10-194, one of the best looking cows at Up George and the dam of Lot 10. Another prominent daughter is LAR09-231 still in the herd, and dam of LAR16-453 (Boeram Venter) LAR02-81 has produced 5 sons for Production sales over the years. Lot 9’s dam line are a line up of good looking productive cattle as well as his dam LAR13-253 who’s sire was LAR09-349, one of the legendary sire LAR04-287’s best looking sons. Lot 9 a good looking bull himself is backed with above average EBV’s and is an all round attractive package.

LOT 9 LAR19-410.JPG

LOT 10 

LAR 19-374

LAR 19-374 Logix Pedigree Report

A striking 4.5 star son of LAR17-263 who was the first LAR14-173 son sold on auction as a 2 year old bull in 2019 to Dr Kotie and Theresa Pienaar. The bull bred extremely well in their herd and this Lot 10 is testament to the quality he breeds. With 2 exceptional dam lines in this herd sire LAR17-263’s makeup, namely LAR10-159, 106/9 calves and 100% retention (See Lot 8) and LAR11-082 (109/7, 362 ICP) who has bred 8 bull calves with a 100% retention rate. Lot 10 a broad, compact heavy bull carrying an enormous amount of beef with capacity, length and depth, with a well balanced ratio of muscling to flesh. This lot 10 is an example of the desirable correlation between height and growth. Low on height with a high Growth value, good performance indexes on D phase, 106 and post wean 114 which is a good indication of the right size right type of bull who has the growth factor in length, width and volume as opposed to height, who will easily adapt to most conditions. Other than this Lot 10’s almost perfect conformation traits, he is impeccably bred. His dam LAR10-194 is probably one of the most beautiful and most photographed cow at Up George with a proven genetic track record with her dam LAR02-81 (102/13 calves) having 7 daughters in the Up George herd including the dam of Lot 9. The sire of this icon grandmother is LAR99-144, who is a son of the legendary VV96-318 and the 20 year old cow LAR95-50. (111/15 calves)The depth of pedigree on both sire and dam side in this Lot 10 is truly phenomenal. We retain a semen share in this bull.

LOT 10 LAR19-374.JPG
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