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Bull Descriptions

Understanding Selection Values

SALE BULLS: 11-20 '22

LOT 11 - 20

LOT 11 

LAR 19-431

LAR 19-431 Logix Pedigree Report

This son of LAR14-106 (Andre van der Heyde & Jean Gouws, 7 sons on sale) is an exceptionally broad, long bull with the characteristic strong top line of his sire. There is a lot of milk & iconic bloodlines in this bull’s genetic history. This lot 11 will fit comfortably into any breeding program striving for increased weaner weights as well as replacement heifers with milk. There is a proven history & an attractive combination of genetics in this bull, with LAR14-106 going back to his grandmother LAR08-256, a sister, same dam to the herd sire LAR07-55, & is on sale this year as an elite golden oldie. Then on the dam side there are 2 stalwart cows, LAR02-226 who is the dam of herd sire LAR10-416 (Piet du Toit and Excelcus Trust) & is the brother of the bull who bred so well LAR05-067. The grand Dam LAR02-41 was a remarkable AGJ8 daughter in the herd. Lot 11’s dam LAR13-302 (Elite-Bronze) is still in the herd (114/5 calves, 374 ICP).

LOT 11 LAR19-431.JPG

LOT 12 

LAR 19-445

LAR 19-445 Logix Pedigree Report

A very dark attractive bull with black points, very strong masculine head, a very long bull with an exceptional broad top line, big well formed testes measuring 41cm and a tight sheath. Lot 12’s sire LAR16-080, a very sleek dark smooth bull who is a son of LAR12-455 who bred exceptionally fleshy cattle with a high retention. LAR16-080 has bred well in the herd, with numerous top lots on this sale this year including Lots 12, 13, 16, 18, and 25. Lot 12’s dam is a very good looking daughter of ADV10-321 who is on this years auction, and her dam LAR12-034 is a very good looking daughter of LAR07-55 who is also still in the herd with her 8th calf and has 6 daughters in the herd. This bull Lot 12 was one of the top weaners in 2020 and showed promise from a very young age. His brother LAR18-82 from the same dam was used in the stud in 2020 with great results.

LOT 12 LAR19-445.JPG

LOT 13 

LAR 19-264

LAR 19-264 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 13 LAR19-264.JPG

LOT 14 

LAR 19-330

LAR 19-330 Logix Pedigree Report

This compact 4 star bull is packed with beef and is tough and hardy type with a very good head and a strong broad muzzle. A bull with very correct conformation, broad hind quarter and strong behind the shoulders with a good top line. A bull with a light birth mass of 23kg and good growth which is the ideal. Lot 14’s sire LAR16-225 a bull used to open heifers very successfully. A quality long bull with a good head bought by Mark and Angie Arbuthnot from Rosetta. This Lot 14 has an incredible grand mother. We often find that most bulls tend to breed back to their grand mothers on the dam side. This grandmother LAR02-230 (98/11 calves, LAR02-230 385 ICP)   is the dam of LAR11-82 who bred the influential son of LAR14-173,  LAR17-263 who is the sire of Lot 10. (See Lot 10)

LOT 14 LAR19-330.JPG

LOT 15 

LAR 19-182


LOT 16 

LAR 19-170

LAR 19-170 Logix Pedigree Report

A masculine, easy fleshing type of bull with a good head, broad over the shoulders and back, and has a well fleshed broad hind quarter with a good neat sheath & scrotum.(44 cm) He is one of the first bulls to catch the eye with a good houding. He is a son of LAR16-080 (6 sons on sale) with a very beautiful broad thickset dam LAR15-111 (100% calf retention) who is a daughter of LAR12-26 (Boeram Venter) She is the sister,( same dam LAR08-188, Sebadja Bonsmaras, a daughter of LAR04-287), of well used herd sire LAR11-71.(Bought by Louis Myburg & Poggenpoel Bonsmaras) Lot 16, a very good looking bull with a well connected pedigree and excellent EBV’s, excellent weaner calf value of 129 & Growth value of 130, this bull should breed phenomenal weaners as well as excellent replacement females. A good all rounder.

LOT 16 LAR19-170.JPG

LOT 17 

LAR 19-271

LAR 19-271 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 17 LAR19-271.JPG

LOT 18 

LAR 19-195

LAR 19-195 Logix Pedigree Report

An attractive grandson of LAR12-455 on the sire side and out of a proven dam line. Lot 18’s dam LAR15-045, (100% calf retention) a very broad good looking daughter of ADV10-321 who has bred very good females in the herd. This dam LAR15-045 is a sister to Lot 2, 2021 auction, LAR18-306 (Bestrina Bonsmaras) The dam of LAR15-045 is LAR12-076 (a beautiful quality daughter of LAR07-55, 100 % retention for 7 calves, 107/6, ICP 397) and has bred 4 exceptional daughters in the herd. The dam of LAR12-076 is LAR09-236, a beautiful dark sleek cow sold on 2021 auction to Elloff and Stephen Muller. She is a sister to LAR10-159 who is the dam of Lot 8, LAR17-358 and Maestro LAR14-173. This Lot 18 has proven history in his dam line and should breed exceptional replacement heifers. A bull low on height but has good wean, post wean and growth values. A good all rounder.

LOT 18 LAR19-195.JPG

LOT 19 

LAR 19-142


LOT 20 

LAR 19-037


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