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Bull Descriptions

Understanding Selection Values

SALE BULLS: 21-30 '22

LOT 21 - 30

LOT 21 

LAR 19-268

LAR 19-268 Logix Pedigree Report

One of the favourite AG15-738 sons on sale. (See Lot 7) A very dark attractive bull who carries himself well, has an exceptional head, dark points with a strong muzzle. One of the characteristic we like to select for. This AG15-738 herd sire has bred exceptional broad strong masculine heads. Lot 21, a very correct bull, broad over the shoulders, has length and width with a good underline and testes (39.5cm) Lot 21’s grand mother is the legendary Elite Gold cow LAR10-49 (107/8 calves, ICP 384) who was the dam of 2 of the top price bulls on the 2021 auction, Lot 6, LAR17-417 ( Bonro Bonsmaras) and Lot 16, LAR18-448 ( Louis Myburg). The dam of this grand mother LAR10-49 is a Elite Silver merit cow, LAR07-186 (101/8) and her sire is LAR06-224. She is still in the herd.

LOT 21 LAR19-268.JPG

LOT 22 

LAR 19-430

LAR 19-430 Logix Pedigree Report

A very dark attractive 4.5 star son of LAR16-093 (Sebadja Bonsmaras, top price bull in 2019) who has 8 sons on sale. A bull who has bred well in the Up George and Sebadja herds, with his capacity and width coming through strongly in his offspring. This herd sire LAR16-93 has a spectacular looking dam LAR13-49. A very dark feminine cow who always breeds one of the best weaners each year. We see a lot of her characteristics in the progeny of LAR16-93. We have used this Lot 22 in the stud herd hoping to bring through these characteristics as well the abundance of milk from both dam lines. Lot 22’s dam, a very neat beautiful A frame cow with a lot of milk (108/5, 385 ICP) and her dam LAR05-157 (103/8 calves) an Elite-Bronze cow who is a grand daughter of AGJ8.

LOT 22 LAR19-430.JPG

LOT 23 

LAR 19-214

LAR 19-214 Logix Pedigree Report

A quality bull with a dark smooth coat, with a very good broad head. A solid broad bull with excellent length. This predominant characteristic of width comes through from his maternal grand father JRP11-073 who is also the sire of Lot 8, LAR17-358. The dam of Lot 23, LAR14-203, a beautiful feminine eye catching cow with a beautiful head and dark points, and with an excessive amount of milk (110/4 calves, 373 ICP) who always produces one of the heaviest weaners every season with Lot 23 ‘s actual wean weight of 290kg. The dam of this cow is LAR09-231 (grand dam of Lot 23) has produced 2 top herd sires, including LAR12-026 (Boeram Venter) and LAR16-453 (Boeram Venter) Both these two bulls have been used in the Up George herd as well.

LOT 23 LAR19-214_edited.jpg

LOT 24 

LAR 19-008

LAR 19-008 Logix Pedigree Report

A quality bull with a proven combination of genetics, with LAR16-93 (Sebadja Bonsmaras, see Lot 5) as his sire combined with the proven lines of LAR06-224 & LAR07-55 on the dam side. These are a combination of dominant genes from proven old cows who are all still in the herd, such as LAR13-49, a beautiful top cow in the herd & dam of LAR16-93 (see Lot 5), LAR07-198, (101/12 calves), still in the herd with her 12th calf as well as 5 of her daughters, & LAR02-180 (108/15 calves) who is also still in the herd at 20 years old, with 5 of her sons used in the herd including LAR06-224. With his outstanding pedigree, we used Lot 24 in the stud herd. He is light on birth mass,  27kgs and has a good calf and post wean growth, 121 index, and good on milk, 112 index.

LOT 24 LAR19-008_edited.jpg

LOT 25 

LAR 19-262

LAR 19-262 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 25 LAR19-262_edited.jpg

LOT 26 

LAR 19-004

LAR 19-004 Logix Pedigree Report

A heavy well fleshed 4 star bull with capacity, very good coat and a strong masculine head. His dam LAR09-342 is one of the most beautiful LAR06-224 daughters around. She was one of the top price cows sold on the Up George auction in 2021 to Eloff and Stephen Muller. (Tambaraine Bonsmaras) Lot 26’s sire is LFR15-032 (Leon Riekert.) a proven herd sire was used extensively in the Up George herd with 58 progeny and produced some of the top bulls on auction in 2021. A bull with superb Bosveld genetics linked well in the Up George herd also producing outstanding feminine females with beautiful heads and capacity, and cows with good udders and milk. We have used Lot 26 in the stud herd hoping to breed some top females and to continue this outstanding line.

LOT 26 LAR19-004_edited.jpg

LOT 27 

LAR 19-338

LAR 19-338 Logix Pedigree Report

A dark coated, heavy bull with width and incredible capacity which is one of the strong characteristics coming from his very impressive and prepotent sire LAR16-93 (Sebadja Bonsmaras) There are strong characteristics coming through in this herd sire’s progeny, from his top dam LAR13-49. (102/6, 375 ICP ) She is one of the most beautiful and productive cows in the herd. A dark smooth cherry red A framed cow with dark points and a beautiful feminine head who scores a 9. She breeds one of the top weaners each year. A truly valuable cow in the Up George herd. Lot 27’s dam LAR13-478 (Essakov Bonsmaras) is a daughter of LAR07-55 who adds value to this Lot 27’s genetic profile. A fantastic combination of proven genetics.

LOT 27 LAR19-338_edited.jpg

LOT 28 

LAR 18-349

LAR 18-349 Logix Pedigree Report

A very attractive dark bull who is a son of the popular herd sire LAR15-282, (bought by Laurence Allem in 2018) and who is a son of JRP11-73 (sire of Lot 8) One of the longest (1:27 ratio) and broadest bulls on sale with a strong head, attractive dark pigment. He has large, well formed testes measuring 41cm, which are unfortunately slightly twisted. Lot 28’s dam LAR13-248, is a beautiful LAR07-55 daughter who breeds exceptionally well with high scoring calves, and she is a daughter of LAR04-209 (98/14 calves) who is still in the herd at 18 years old and is also the grandmother of LAR17-292 (LAR14-173 son.) This Lot 28 is well bred out of a productive, fertile family on both sides with high conformation scores.

LOT 28 LAR18-349_edited.jpg

LOT 29 

LAR 19-009

LAR 19-009 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 29 LAR19-009_edited.jpg

LOT 30 

LAR 19-152


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