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LOT 1 - 10

LOT 1 

LAR 17-060

LAR 17-060 Logix Pedigree Report

This is one of the top bulls on sale this year, who would be a credit to any stud or commercial herd. He is a son of AJF13-415 (13 sons on sale) AJF13-415 is a son of the popular bull AG09-762 with 242 calves in various top herds in SA. Lot 1, a very correct bull with exceptional length & width over the shoulder & back, a strong masculine head and eye banks. He has a good top line, depth and capacity. A bull with a lot of quality, short on the leg and carrying a lot of weight. His dam LAR 13-214 is a very productive and fertile cow who calves early and weans a good calf each year with Lot 1 having an actual wean weight of 270kgs. She is still in the herd and her last 3 calves all scoring over 8 points & an average birth mass of 27kgs. With this history and a BM of 31kg we can recommend Lot 1 for heifers, BM -1.54, 129 index, BD 0.2, 108 index. One co-ownership is retained.

Lot 1. LAR17-060.JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

Dam. LAR13-214.JPG

Dam LAR 13-214

LOT 2 

LAR 17-081

LAR 17-081 Logix Pedigree Report

This is an exceptionally long and broad, 4 star bull with outstanding selection values as well as an outstanding dam. He is a son of JRP13-005 (LAR07-55) with a strong head and quality hide and hair. We used this bull in a multi-sire group and his calves look promising. His dam LAR13-68 is a top producing daughter of BP10-17 who bred exceptional milky, good looking daughters. LAR13-68 (SP Mat 155, 119/4 calves, ICP 389) is a 5 star cow and has bred exceptionally well with 3 of her calves scoring over 8 points and has a very promising young D phase bull by LAR15-282. LAR13-68 is one of those exceptional high producing cows who looks good, 8 score and produces one of the top calves each year. A very valuable cow in the Up George herd. Lot 2 is outstanding on his selection values for milk 119, +9.1, fertility 117 and 110 for calf growth.

Lot 2 LAR17-81.JPG
Sire JRP13-005.JPG

Sire JRP13-005

LOT 3 

LAR 17-117

LAR 17-117 Logix Pedigree Report

A very tough robust looking bull with width, flesh and capacity. He is a son of JRP13-005, who has 12 sons on sale (He is a son of LAR07-55) We have used JRP13-005, who we bought from JJ Park, extensively with 71 calves in the herd. JRP13-005 has been consistent in breeding fleshy cattle with capacity with the desired weight coming from length and width. Lot 3 has very correct conformation, excellent depth and capacity with a good sheath, well formed straight testes, and is attractive all round. Lot 3 is out of a very fertile cow LAR06-115, ICP 388 for 11 calves, who was sold to Cassim Hassim in 2019. This dam of Lot 3, LAR06-115 has a daughter in the herd LAR11-188 who has a son on this sale, LAR17-322, Lot 22.

Lot 3 LAR17-117.JPG
Sire JRP13-005.JPG

Sire JRP13-005

Dam of Lot 3 LAR06-115.JPG

Dam LAR06-115

LOT 4 

LAR 17-248

LAR 17-248 Logix Pedigree Report

A very striking son of AJF13-415. (See lot 1) who is very correct, robust ,dark smooth coated with good bone, strong top line and clean underline with a good sheath and big well formed straight testes. There is a lot to like about this bull with his easy fleshing, width, strong behind the shoulder and over the back, and a strong loin. His dam LAR13-291, (104/3 calves, 389 ICP) a dark feminine cow who is still in the herd and scores 8. She is a daughter LAR09-365 (a son of LAR06-224) who bred exceptional females in the herd with above average milk, index 110 and calf growth 120. LAR13-291 is out of a LAR99-350 daughter, LAR03-247, 100/10 calves with an average weight of 240kgs. ICP 376. Lot 4  is very high on wean direct, 122 index and post wean 113, which is indicative to breeding good heavy weaners. This is an outstanding bull, excellent conformation, breeding values and pedigree.

LAR17-248 (2).JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

Dam of Lot 4. LAR13-291. ,.JPG

Dam LAR 13-291

LOT 5 

LAR 17-412

LAR 17-412 Logix Pedigree Report

Another thickset son of AJF13-415, with 13 sons on sale and a herd sire with a high retention percentage. Lot 5 is a good example of how AJF13-415 breeds, with very few faults, strong toplines, easy fleshing with width, and strong masculine heads and muzzels. Lot 5 is favourable on birth mass with a calving ease selection index of 115, and maternal index of 123. With these calving ease values he is also very good on calf growth, 110 and a growth selection value of 113 indexes, which is an economical viable trait for any beef breeder in search of ease of calving and optimal weight gains as weaners and  post wean. 

Lot 5 LAR17-412.JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

LOT 6 

LAR 16-453

LAR 16-453 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a 5 star bull with exceptional qualities. He is very correct with little faults, exceptional balance, easy fleshing & the depth, width, length (125 ind) perfect height/length ratio 1:24 & capacity any breeder seeks. His dark, quality coat, good bone & hooves, broad head & a strong muzzle, straight well formed testes, tight sheath, are all favourable traits which are pleasing to the eye. Lot 6 has exceptional breeding values, good to open heifers, negative on BM -0.01, 110 ind, outstanding on milk (129 ind) Post Wean (120 ind) Growth (123 ind). But the most inspiring part of the bull is his impressive, reliable depth of his parentage, sire & dam side. This makes the predictability of the way he breeds more pertinent and reliable. One of the most important factors to consider in the consistency of breeding true to type & conformity is the depth of the genetic background & the history of the animal. This is one the most important factors at Up George in selection of herd sires. The depth of dependability is synonymous to the way a bull breeds & it eliminates, to a certain extent, the guess factor! Lot 6’s dam, LAR09-231 is a 5 star cow & a real beauty queen! She is the ideal cow with perfect conformation, 9 score, is feminine, has a beautiful head with dark points, broad, fleshy and a very good udder & above all produces a top quality weaner every year. Her breeding values are exceptional. She has an abundance milk 110/8 calves, ICP 386, with a selection value of 133 for milk, 137 for calf growth, and 132 for fertility, giving her the top spot in the Up George herd for Production, Value of 152 & Cow value of 149. These are phenomenal values for a cow with such exceptional conformation & a top breeder. Her dam LAR02-81, 104/12 calves (Elite-Gold cow) at 18 years old is still in the herd with her 14th calf. She also has a bull on sale this year, Lot 43. A notable brother (same dam) of Lot 6 is LAR12-26, (Boeram Venter) who has bred exceptionally well & had 14 sons on the Up George production sales in 2017/18. Lot 6’s sire ARB13-63, (Bred by Mark & Angie Arbuthnot) had a very impressive sire LAR10-31 (LAR06-224 son) A bull who bred extremely well in 5 top herds. Lot 6 has been used in the stud and has some impressive calves. A semen share is retained in this bull.

Lot 6 LAR16-453.JPG
Sire ARB13-063.JPG

Sire ARB 13-063

dam LAR09-231.JPG

Dam LAR 09-231

Grand dam LAR02-81.jpg

Grand Dam LAR 02-081

LOT 7 

LAR 17-338

LAR 17-338 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a very attractive dark smooth coated bull who has a lot going for him as well as his very attractive pedigree. A very good all rounder with correct conformation and has very good expected breeding values. He was a heavy weaner, weaning at 266kgs and is good on wean direct, 118 index and continued to be above average in the D phase test, ADG 106. Lot 7’s sire LAR14-350, (bought by Tony Windt, Noman’s Land Bonsmaras) is a result of the tried and tested genetic combination of LAR07-55 and LAR06-224, with LAR12-26 as his father. LAR12-26 (Boeram Venter, brother of Lot 6) has bred consistently well. Lot 7’s dam LAR10-300, a LAR07-90 daughter, who is still in the herd, 106/7 calves, ICP 384. SP Mat 122.

Lot 7 LAR17-338.JPG

Sire LAR 14-350

LOT 8 

LAR 17-467

LAR 17-467 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a very impressive young bull who speaks entirely for himself. The enormity of his potential is very appealing. With his near perfect conformation, an ideal balance of muscling, flesh, width and capacity. He is a square block! His strong masculine head and hump is indicative of his masculine behaviour and libido, with big well formed straight testes. Lot 8 has an all important combination of the best Up George genetics which we have strived to breed over the last 30 years. He is a perfect example of the culmination of genetics from 3 of the best and most influential herd sires we have bred with a similar phenotype, namely LAR07-55, LAR09-281 and LAR06-224, who all appear in both Lot 8’s sire and dam side. Not enough can be said about proverbial familiar genetics or similar phenotype in the predictability of breeding true to type. This is more commonly known as “True Breeding” where parents would produce offspring that would carry the same phenotype, these desirable traits would therefore be more predictable. Lot 8 is a true example of this predictability as his sire LAR14-64 and grand sires LAR09-281, LAR07-55 and LAR06-224 all fit the same model phenotypically. Apart from these 3 instrumental sires, Lot 8 has 2 of the most influential female lines as grandmothers, namely LAR02-180, Elite-Gold 104/14 calves (LAR06-224’s dam) and LAR05-151, Elite Bronze 104/12 calves (LAR09-281’s dam) Both these two old cows are still in the herd at 18 and 15 years old and are still 2 of the best looking cows at Up George. There is a notable amount of milk on both sire and dam side of Lot 8. His sire LAR14-064 (bought by Fourie Scheepers and numerous co-owners) who is a good looking bull with capacity and easy fleshing traits, is impeccably well bred with his dam, LAR11-39. (108/5, SP Mat 138, bought by Christoff Smit) a granddaughter of LAR02-180. LAR14-64 is a son of the well known LAR09-281 (LAR05-151 son) Lot 8’s dam LAR12-050, (106/4 calves) is a beautiful feminine daughter of LAR07-55 (bought by Christoff Smit). Lot 8 is the whole package, with desirable conformation, proven genetic history and his expected estimated breeding values are very favourable. We retain a co-ownership in this bull and 1 co-ownership has been taken.

Lot 8 LAR17-467.JPG
Sire LAR14-64.JPG

Sire LAR 14-064

Dam LAR12-50.JPG

Dam LAR 12-050


LAR 95-50 

Photo taken at 20 years old.

Average wean index of 111/15 calves. Average weight of 261kg for 15 calves.

A stalwart cow who produced her last calf, LAR 14-446, at 19 years old. LAR 14-446 is a prominent herd sire in the Up George herd at the moment. Dam of LAR 02-180.

LAR95-50 at 20 years old.JPG


LAR 02-180 

Elite-Gold and 5 star cow. 109/14 calves, ICP 398 days, average wean weight of 256kg for 14 calves.

Still in the herd at 18 years old, pregnant with her 15th calf.

5 of her sons have been used in the herd including LAR 06-224, LAR 07-234, LAR 08-218, LAR 18-016


LAR 05-151 

Elite-Bronze, 4 star cow. 104/12 calves, ICP 372 days.

Still in the herd at 15 years old and pregnant with her 13th calf.

Dam of prominent herd sire LAR 09-281.


LAR 12-050

Dam of Lot 8. Daughter of LAR 07-055. 106/4 calves. ICP 378. Sp Mat 102.

Successful combination of sires, LAR 07-55 and LAR 06-224.

LAR12-050. Dam of Lot 8.JPG



Great Grand Sire (on Sire & Dam side)  LAR 06-224


Great Grand Sire (on Sire side) LAR 07-090


Grand Sire (on Dam side) LAR 07-055


Grand Sire (on Sire side) LAR 09-281

Sire LAR14-64.JPG

Sire LAR 14-064

LOT 9 

LAR 17-003

LAR 17-003 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a very fleshy 4.5 star bull with depth, width and capacity, a good top line, good bone, sheath and testes. He has an impeccable dam line, where both his dam and grand dam were Elite Gold cows with an abundance of milk and fertility. His dam LAR05-229. 109/10 calves, ICP 389 is a daughter of prominent herd sire LAR02-331 who has bred quite a few top producing daughters in the herd and is a brother (same dam, 20 year old cow LAR95-50) of stalwart cow LAR02-180 (see Lot 8). Lot 9’s sire JRP11-73, a bull bought from JJ Park has bred exceptionally well and produced offspring of notable width and capacity. Lot 9 has very favourable selection values for calf growth 120, fertility 130 and milk 105.

Lot 9 LAR17-003.JPG
Sire JRP11-73 -.JPG

Sire JRP 11-073

Dam LAR05-229..JPG

Dam LAR 05-229

LOT 10 

LAR 16-458

LAR 16-458 Logix Pedigree Report

One thing we can say about this bull is that the photo does not do him justice! His capacity, depth and extreme length and width has to be seen to be appreciated. The simple definition of volume is length x width x height. This bull defines that simple equation with unbelievable volume and weight and is short on the leg. With this exceptional length (ratio of 1:28)he has a very strong top line, broad and flat over the shoulders with a table top back. He fleshes down well into the hindquarter, broad at the pin bones, and has exceptional length from hip to pin and loin. We are all ultimately beef producers striving to breed quality, economical cattle for the market with optimal carcass conformation with exceptional cuts and striving for the ultimate economical high dressing percentage. Muscle to bone ratio is known to influence dressing percentage as well as the marbling and tenderness of the carcass. With the continued pressures from world heath organizations with the uses of anabolic implants and feed additives (beta-agonists) for elevated dressing percentages and profit margins, we need to take cognisance of the fact that we can use genetics to enhance this optimal carcass conformation the healthy way and do away with the use of implants and additives. Lot 10 has the perfect conformation to produce that optimal quality carcass. Lot 10’s sire LAR13-59 (bought by Izak Cronje) is out of a beautiful daughter of LAR07-37 (BG04-88 son) This cow LAR10-303 was bought by Ben Bosch and has bred some notable progeny. Lot 10 is a brother (same dam, LAR11-350) to the prevalent herd sire, LAR15-282 who has bred extremely well in the Up George herd with numerous impressive sons for sale in 2021. LAR15-282 was bought by Lawrence Allem in 2018. The sire of Lot 10’s dam is LAR07-90, a BG04-88 son, so Lot 10 has BG04-88 featuring in both his sire and dam, as well as EI98-80, the maternal grand sire. A very compatible mix of genetics. We have used Lot 10 in the Stud and 1 co-ownership is retained.

Lot 10 LAR16-458,..JPG
Sire LAR13-59.JPG

Sire LAR 13-059

dam LAR11-350.JPG

Dam LAR 11-350