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Bull Descriptions

Understanding the Star Guide


LOT 21 - 30

LOT 21 

LAR 17-205

LAR 17-205 Logix Pedigree Report

Sire JRP09-81.JPG

Sire JRP 09-081

LAR07-55 grand sire.JPG

Grand Sire LAR 07-055

LOT 22 

LAR 17-322

LAR 17-322 Logix Pedigree Report

A good looking son of LAR12-455 with a good length of body, width, good bone and a masculine head and hump. LAR12-455 has 7 sons on sale (see Lot 14) Lot 22 is out of a very productive dam LAR11-188, 101/6 who produced one of the top weaners this year weighing 290kgs. She is a daughter of   LAR08-50, a herd sire who has produced numerous top females in the herd, and comes from the impressive and well used bull GCD05-148. The GCD05-148 daughters have bred exceptionally well in the herd with extremely good cow/calf ratios. Lot 22’s  maternal grandmother LAR06-115 also has a son on sale this year, Lot 3. Lot 22 was also a heavy weaner, 263kg, Wean Direct 122 and went on to do well on the extensive D phase test, 125 Post wean, 122 ADG. We often find with the heavy weaners that they don’t have the compensatory growth of some of their lighter counterparts, but this is certainly not the case with Lot 22. He was a heavy weaner and finished the D phase test at 410kgs. Lot 22 an all rounder with good conformation as well as sound selection values.

Sire LAR12-455.JPG

Sire LAR 12-455

grand sire LAR08-050.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 08-050

LOT 23 

LAR 17-355

LAR 17-355 Logix Pedigree Report

AJF13-415 - Sire.JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

dam LAR13-175.JPG

Dam LAR 13-175

AG 08-457 125 grand sire.jpg

Grand Sire AG 07-457

LOT 24 

LAR 17-308

LAR 17-308 Logix Pedigree Report

Sire LAR14-173,,.JPG

Sire LAR 14-173

dam LAR12-358.JPG

Dam LAR 12-358

grand sire LAR09-281.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 09-281

LOT 25 

LAR 17-243

LAR 17-243 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 25 LAR17-243.JPG
Sire. AJF13-415.JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

grand mother LAR04-247.JPG

Grand Dam LAR 04-247

grand sire LAR09-349.jpg

Grand Sire LAR 09-349

LOT 26 

LAR 17-030

LAR 17-030 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 26 LAR17-30.JPG
Sire AJF12-346.jpg

Sire AJF 12-346

grand Sire JRP11-73 -.JPG

Grand Sire JRP 11-073

LOT 27 

LAR 17-010

LAR 17-010 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 27 LAR17-010,.JPG
Sire LAR12-455.JPG

Sire LAR 12-455

Dam LAR08-225.JPG

Dam LAR 08-225

LOT 28 

LAR 17-448

LAR 17-448 Logix Pedigree Report

A well muscled, well fleshed 4 star bull with an extremely strong top line, capacity and depth and a neat tail setting for his well developed hind quarter. He is a son of LAR14-106, bought by Andre van der Heyde and Jean Gouws in 2019. LAR14-106 has bred some of the most promising weaners in 2020 and we look forward to their future. LAR14-106 has an extremely high retention rate with his offspring, breeding sound conformation, very few faults, strong toplines and well developed broad hindquarters. We have used 2 of his sons, Lot 28 and LAR17-339, a very promising bull who we have kept to use for another season. There are 5 LAR14-106 sons on sale.  Lot 28’s dam LAR08-171 is a fantastic high producing old cow, Elite-Bronze, who is still in the herd at 12 years with her 9th calf. She has a very high retention rate with 8 of her calves approved, 2 sons we were sold to stud breeders, LAR11-16 sold to Danie Opperman and is now with the Poggenpoels, Molopo Bonsmaras, LAR12-202 was sold to Del Oro Stud, Mark and Angie Arbuthnot, and she has 4 daughters in the herd. A good record of consistency. Lot 28 a bull with an outstanding sire and dam, and above average breeding and selection values.

Lot 28 LAR17-448.JPG
Sire LAR14-106.JPG

Sire LAR 14-106

Dam LAR08-171.JPG

Dam LAR 08-171

LOT 29 

LAR 17-152

LAR 17-152 Logix Pedigree Report

LOT 29 LAR17-152.JPG
Sire LAR14-173,,.JPG

Sire LAR 14-173

2012 bull photos 126 (2).jpg

Grand Sire LAR 08-050

LOT 30 

LAR 17-260

LAR 17-260 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a 5 star son of LAR14-173 who has a lot going for him with excellent conformation, depth and capacity, ideal masculine traits in the head and hump and quality hide and hair. An ideal bull for heavy weaner production, weaning at 263kgs and an index of 133, post wean index 132, and a bull with an enormous amount of growth potential with a production value of 144. This is an ideal bull carrying his weight in his length and width and being short on the leg with a height /length ratio of 1:26. A heavy weaner with continued economical growth and performance. Lot 30 has an extremely good dam line with milk, fertility and longevity. His dam LAR08-115, Elite-Gold and a 5 star cow, who is a beautiful feminine dark cow with a high retention for bulls and heifers, and is still in the herd 109/9, ICP 379. She has an equally impressive dam LAR04-130, 103/13 calves and an ICP of 370. We pay a lot of attention to longevity and fertility as these cows tend to be your most productive and economical. With a 5 star sire and a 5 star dam, with ideal conformation and above average selection values this bull should breed above average calves in any herd.

Lot 30 LAR17-260.JPG
Sire LAR14-173,,.JPG

Sire LAR 14-173

Dam LAR08-115.JPG

Dam LAR 08-115

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