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Bull Descriptions

Understanding the Star Guide


LOT 11 - 20

LOT 11 

LAR 17-340

LAR 17-340 Logix Pedigree Report

A bull with a lot of qualities to like with his quality coat, capacity & width. He is also a son of the impressive herd sire LAR14-64, (LAR09-281 son) see Lot 8. (same sire) who has bred exceptionally well with notable traits of volume, capacity, width & few faults. A lot to like with LAR14-64 progeny. Lot 11 has a very good fertile dam LAR07-214 who has produced 10 calves with an ICP of 375, SP Mat 120,  9/10 are bull calves with a high retention. Her dam is LAR02-230, 98/11 calves, SP mat 117, ICP 385, and she is a sister to the remarkable herd sire LAR99-350 who produced some of the best females in the Up George herd. Lot 11 is a great all rounder with an attractive disposition, excellent dam line as well as an outstanding sire, sound breeding values and excellent on milk, fertility and growth.

Lot 11 LAR17-340.JPG
Sire LAR14-64.JPG

Sire LAR 14-064

Dam Lot 11.JPG

Dam LAR 07-214

LOT 12 

LAR 17-384

LAR 17-384 Logix Pedigree Report

A 4 ½ star bull who’s robust, proud & wide awake with a good “houding” & one of the dominant bulls in the group. He has exceptional width, length & capacity, tight sheath, big testes 42cm, which are all notable traits from his sire LAR14-173, who needs no introduction! Lot 12’s grandmother LAR04-350, is a very influential Elite-Gold cow, 105/12, 374 ICP, who is a beautiful, feminine cow with capacity and has bred 4 top daughters in the herd, with a high retention rate. (sold to Ruben Essakow 2019) This old cow appears dominantly in a lot of the top bulls bred at Up George. The grandmother is a very important factor in herd sire selection. The bull needs to have a sound reliable history. Lot 12 has 2 of the best grandmothers in the business with LAR10-159 (dam of LAR14-173) and LAR04-350. Lot 12 can confidently be used on heifers with a 28kg birth mass, BirDir -0.85, 118 index, & BirMat -0.97, 117 index. Lot 12’s dam had 3 bull calves with an average birth mass of 30kg. Very sought after traits in bull selection are the bulls with acceptable ease of calving and with exceptional growth. This is the ideal combination for economical beef production. When we talk about growth there are different versions applicable. The most appealing and well adapted version is the bull with growth, carrying volume in length, width & short on the leg. Lot 12 has this ideal scenario, with the outstanding conformation & volume, light on birth & calving ease, with exceptional calf growth (5 stars) 127 index and ADG index 121, (one of the top performers in a competitive D phase test) all this important criteria culminates in his superior selection values of - Cow Value 4 ½ stars 123 index, Growth Value 5 stars 134 index, Production Value 4 ½ stars 128 index.

Lot 12 LAR17-384.JPG
Sire LAR14-173,,.JPG

Sire LAR 14-173

Grand Dam LAR04-350.JPG

Grand Dam LAR 04-350

LOT 13 

LAR 17-043

LAR 17-043 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 13 LAR17-043.JPG
Sire AJF12-346.jpg

Sire AJF 12-346

Sire of dam BP10-17.JPG

Sire of Dam BP 10-017

LOT 14 

LAR 17-014

LAR 17-014 Logix Pedigree Report

We are always striving for that balance of muscling and fleshing ability with the length, width and capacity. This bull Lot 14 has it all, and its not in moderation! He is very thick and broad with a well developed long hindquarter, length of loin and very broad over the shoulder. A bull with only LAR genetics for 3 generations back and he is the epitome of how we like a bull to look. His sire LAR12-455 (Bought by Cecil Van Der Merwe) has 7 sons on sale. A very prepotent sire with over 90 calves in the herd. He breeds true to type with volume, capacity and length being notable which is inevitable in this son. Lot 14 has a profound history of genetics going back to the very prominent herd sire LAR01-297 who is on both his sire and dam’s side. LAR01-297 was instrumental in breeding the right type for our tough conditions, with capacity,  good hooves and good testes. LAR01-297 is also the sire of LAR06-224 who bred a similar type and stamping the good hooves as well. It is not surprising that Lot 14 has the same traits as well as good hooves. Lot 14’s dam, LAR09-356 (LAR06-224 daughter) was a picture of perfection, and her dam LAR04-209 is still in the herd at 16 and in calf with her 14th calf. This is another example of the depth of dependability in the history of genetics in an animal, striving for pre-potency & predictability. This all comes about introducing a similar phenotype through generations of breeding. LAR01-297 (who was born nearly 20 years ago), LAR04-287, LAR01-201, LAR06-224 & LAR12-455, all sires in Lot 14’s background, would fit into the same mould as Lot 14. We strive to keep breeding simple, follow your passion and not fashion! Lot 14 a bull who has it all with a superb temperament, conformation, sound EBV’s, & should breed heavy beefy weaners, index 124 WnDir, as well as being excellent on Post wean Growth, 129 & 121 indexes.

lot 14 LAR17-014.JPG
Sire LAR12-455.JPG

Sire LAR 12-455

Dam LAR09-356.JPG

Dam LAR 09-356

LOT 15 

LAR 17-271

LAR 17-271 Logix Pedigree Report

Another outstanding son of AJF13-415 (13 sons on sale) bought from Kiewiet & Nelius Ferreira (see Lot 1) with 50 calves in the herd. Lot 15 is out of a very beautiful and typical daughter of BP10-17 (LAR13-85) SP Mat 123, 101/4 calves. Lot 15 is showing an enormous resemblance of the quality cattle bred by Peter and Brett Knott from Fort Beaufort, EC. We were fortunate to have acquired BP10-17 to introduce genetics of such quality into our herd, with dark quality coats, milk and fertility. Lot 15’s dam, apart from being a beautiful A frame cow, has bred 2 impressive daughters, both scoring 8 points. The grand mother of Lot 15, LAR10-219 by LAR07-90, a bull who bred exceptional females with capacity. This Lot 15 with his history should breed quality replacement females with milk and fertility, something which can never be ignored striving for herd improvement.

Lot 15 LAR17-271.JPG
Sire. AJF13-415.JPG

Sire AJF 13-415

Dam LAR13-085.JPG

Dam LAR 13-085

LOT 16 

LAR 17-005

LAR 17-005 Logix Pedigree Report

Sire LAR12-455.JPG

Sire LAR 12-455

Dam LAR08-226.JPG

Dam LAR 08-226

LOT 17 

LAR 17-503

LAR 17-503 Logix Pedigree Report

This is a very attractive son of AJF14-127, ( bought from Kiewiet & Nelius Ferriera ) and is a son of the prominent herd sire LAR09-223 which was the top price bull at Up George in 2012, bought by Kiewiet & Nelius Ferreira. This bull did exceptionally well in the Ferrerro herd, who was out of a magnificent looking cow LAR05-72, 108/8 calves and was sired by the impressive sire LAR04-287. This cow LAR05-72 also bred the bull LAR16-004, a very good looking son of LAR12-455 who was sold to Fourie Scheepers in 2018. Lot 17’s dam LAR13-306 is one of the best looking daughters of LAR09-281, carrying his perfect phenotypical genes of capacity and width, as well as being feminine, fertile and has good milk SP Mat 115, 100/3, ICP 373. She has just weaned an outstanding LAR14-446 bull calf. Lot 17’s grandmother, LAR07-051, Elite- Bronze, a BG04-88 daughter who had good milk, 101/6 and bred some useful looking bulls.

Lot 17 LAR17-503.JPG
sire AJF14-127.JPG

Sire AJF 14-127

Dan LAR13-306.JPG

Dam LAR 13-306

LOT 18 

LAR 17-199

LAR 17-199 Logix Pedigree Report

One of the top JRP13-005 sons on sale this year. JRP13-005 was a LAR07-55 son we bought from JJ Park at his final Production Sale. He was a short thickset, very broad heavy bull, and has produced some top sons on the sale with 13 sons in 2019 and 10 sons in 2020.  A stable record of consistency. Lot 18 is a very attractive bull and one of the most correct bulls on sale. He has a very strong broad head, indicating his width over the back and shoulders, with his depth, width and capacity being a strong point as well as exceptional length and a height/length ratio of 1:27. These characteristics have  been true to type with the JRP13-005 sons. He has a tight sheath, big well formed straight testes, 42cm, +14.4, 110 index. There is a lot to like about this quality bull. His dam, LAR10-326 a very neat feminine daughter of LAR08-54 (GCD05-148 son) was bought by Hassim Bonsmaras in 2019. Lot 18 had an exceptional Elite-Bronze grandmother LAR04-046, 104/8, ICP 375 who was a very productive daughter of AG98-338.

Lot 18 LAR17-199,,.JPG

Sire JRP 13-005

dam LAR10-326.JPG

Dam LAR 10-326

LOT 19 

LAR 17-379

LAR 17-379 Logix Pedigree Report

LOt 19 LAR17-379.JPG
Sire LAR14-106.JPG

Sire LAR 14-106

LOT 20 

LAR 17-417

LAR 17-417 Logix Pedigree Report

A very impressive 4 star son of LAR14-200, who was the top price bull in 2017 bought by Andre van Der Heyde and Nico Pieterse. This prepotent herd sire LAR14-200, is a son of LAR12-33 (LAR07-55) who is also the same sire as LAR14-173. His dam LAR10-152 is probably one of the best looking cows at Up George and has bred 2 top class herd sires and 2 exceptional daughters in the herd and now with a promising bull calf from Lot 6. Lot 20’s dam LAR10-49, a beautiful dark smooth coated LAR06-224 daughter, scores 9, Elite-Silver, 106/7, SP Mat 123, RI 105. Her dam is also an Elite-Silver cow LAR07-186, 101/8. Lot 20 is an exceptionally well bred bull with a sound pedigree on dam and sire side. Apart from his attractive genetic makeup, Lot 20 has the perfect height/length ratio of 1:28. He is long, broad and has the volume and conformation we strive to breed. This young bull has a bright future ahead of him! He has outstanding expected breeding values to back him, was born late in the summer and weaned early as a heavy weaner of 250kgs, Wdir 124 index, and went on to perform extremely well on the D-phase test coming out as the top performer in his group with an ADG index of 129 and post wean index of 133. Lot 20 who is very positive on milk +7.7 114 index, coming from his sire and dam side, and very positive on growth, has very correct conformation and should mature into a top class bull and will add value to any genetic pool.

Lot 20 LAR17-417.JPG
sire LAR14-200..JPG

Sire LAR 14-200

dam LAR10-049.JPG

Dam LAR 10-049

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