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SALE BULLS: 11-20 '23

LOT 11-20

LOT 11 

LAR 20-011

LAR 20-011 Logix Pedigree Report

lot 11 LAR20-011_edited.jpg

LOT 12 

LAR 20-104

LAR 20-104 Logix Pedigree Report

This striking 4.5 star son of LAR18-041 (LAR14-173 son) was used as a year old bull to open heifers as well as used on mature cows. His average birth mass for his calves is 31kgs. He was the top performer on D phase, 137 index and one of the best phenotypically in his group with a 9 score. This bull has remarkable length, with a strong top line, tight sheath & big well formed testes, 42 cm with quality semen. The remarkable characteristic of this bull is that with his exceptional selection & predicted values for growth of 148, Post Wean 132 & Weaner calf value of 125, he remains the right type, heavy in physique carrying his weight in his length & width. This is the type we strive to breed who excel under all conditions & continue to perform with functional efficiency & adaptability. These profit traits also include milk, fertility and longevity which are dominant in this bulls genetic configuration and not to disregard the ever important turnover traits which include growth, muscle and marbling (carcass value 139). Understanding pedigrees and genetic combinations remain interesting and humbling! This combination of LAR14-173 onto a LAR14-200 daughter as in Lot 12, is remarkable. Lot 12’s dam LAR17-450 is a beautiful well balanced young fertile cow with excellent milk 105/3 calves with Lot 12 being her first calf. Lot 12’s grand dam, LAR12-401 a beautiful looking, Elite Gold, high producing cow 112/7 who is at Sebadja Bonsmaras. Lot 12 truly comes from a very good looking and highly efficient family on both sides. One co-ownership has been taken and we retain a semen share.

lot 12 LAR20-104

LOT 13 

LAR 20-499

LAR 20-499 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 13 LAR20-499

LOT 14 

LAR 20-105

LAR 20-105 Logix Pedigree Report

This 5 star brother of Lot 12, same sire LAR18-041 is a real looker! His sire LAR18-041, with 13 sons on sale has bred exceptionally well with beautiful feminine females and robust fleshy bulls as in Lot 12 and Lot 14. This herd sire LAR18-041 (Lot 12 in 2021) was sold to Lawrence Allem and numerous co-owners. We used Lot 14 in a multiply sire group as a year old in a group of heifers. When selecting a bull to open heifers, we find there are multiple contributing factors which influence the criteria for this selection. The birth mass itself has several factors which influence the actual weight of the calf so we generally tend more towards the genetic selection of bulls to use on heifers, rather than only birth mass and the ease of calving EBVs. If the conformation of the heifer is suitable, broad in the pin bones, well grown with capacity, then a moderate phenotypically functional bull will be suitable for the heifers without compromising on growth and conformation. Lot 14, a bull with exceptional conformation, very good masculine head and hump, he is wide awake with notable libido!  His high producing and good looking dam line stem from the exceptional cow LAR09-236 (100/10 calves) and is also the sister of LAR14-173’s dam LAR10-159. An exceptionally well connect pedigree. LAR09-236 was bought by Eloff Muller, Tambaraine Bonsmaras in 2021. Lot 14 with his exceptional growth figures and indexes is favourably short on the leg with remarkable length, 1:28 HL ratio, A heavy weaner, 265 kg for a first calver, and outstanding growth on D Phase test with a final weight of 490kgs. We retain a semen share in this bull.

lot 14 LAR20-105

LOT 15 

LAR 20-046

LAR 20-046 Logix Pedigree Report

lot 15 LAR20-046

LOT 16 

LAR 19-319

LAR 19-319 Logix Pedigree Report

Another 5 star brother of the legendary bull LAR14-173 (Maestro) as well as LAR17-358 (Lot 8 in 2022) out of the same exceptional dam LAR10-159. This cow is one of a kind producing such quality sons which have all been used in the herd. Lot 16 is a block of beef with unbelievable length and a strong back and top line. A very correct bull who carries himself well and can certainly add value in a maternal breeding program. His sire is the successful and well used bull LAR14-106, (bought by Jean Gouws and Andre vd Heyde in 2018 who is out of the most beautiful short thickset LAR06-224 daughter, and she is the sister to the dam of LAR07-55.) The herd sire LAR14-106 did exceptionally well in the herd bring in notable traits like strong toplines which attach well into a good well developed hump with outstanding width over the shoulder and hind quarter. Lot 16 is a replica of his sire in this regard. We have used this bull Lot 16 in the stud herd on heifers and cows with the intention of breeding excellent replacement females. Something which should never be overlooked in the endeavour to breed top masculine bulls. He has very promising calves with the inherent top line, width and volume. Lot 16, with his exceptional Cow Value,(132) excellent on Weaner Calf production (132) and growth, who is clean of the DM gene will add value maternally as well as in any beef producing enterprise. One co-ownership has already been taken and we retain a semen share in the bull. He sells with 8 shares available.

Lot 16 LAR19-319

LOT 17 

LAR 20-034

LAR 20-034 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 17 LAR20-034

LOT 18 

LAR 19-342

LAR 19-342 Logix Pedigree Report

It’s an interesting phenomena with genetics and the sustainability and predictability of maternal cows who time and again produce top quality bulls and females which are always in the top 10 % of the herd. LAR05-151 the dam of Lot 18, LAR19-342, is no exception to this. She is also the dam of Lot 10, LAR18-422 and has produced 3 exceptional herd sires including LAR09-281 as well. This cow LAR05-151 is highly productive (Elite Bronze, 104/13 calves, an embryo donor and is in calf again with her 14th calf.) Lot 18, a heavy bull with capacity, width and is extremely broad. A short thickset bull and similar to his brother Lot 10, he is short on the leg with a heavy body, a quality coat, excellent testes and tight sheath. His sire LAR17-081, a dark smooth quality grand son of well known Herd sire LAR07-55. The dam of LAR17-081, LAR13-068 is a fantastic Elite Gold cow still in the herd, with perfect, feminine conformation and udder 109/6 calves, 380 ICP. We have used 2 of her sons in the herd and she has just weaned very promising bull calf. Lot 18 has a reputable combination of dam lines on both sides with his dam LAR05-151 going back to the very impressive bull LAR99-350 who bred exceptional females and on the sire side we have BP10-017, the Peter Knott bull who was extremely successful in the Up George herd breeding some of the best cows in the herd. Lot 18 was used in the herd in a multiple sire group and we keep a semen share in the bull.

Lot 18 LAR19-342

LOT 19 

LAR 20-242

LAR 20-242 Logix Pedigree Report

. A 4 star son of LAR17-339 who has bred exceptionally well in the Up George herd. Lot 19 true to type, with capacity, depth and a good top line, is out of an extremely well connected bloodline. His dam LAR14-51, still in the herd (102/5, ICP 373) is a beautiful result of the tried and tested combination of 2 of the most successful sires used at Up George, LAR07-55 and LAR06-224. Lot 19 is a short thickset well balanced bull in conformation with exceptional milk and growth in his genetic history. With a Weaner Calf value of 147, Post wean value of 142 this bull will breed exceptional and adaptable weaners with growth and the ability to finish economically in the feedlot. These animals with a heavy mature weight and low on height are the adaptable and functionally efficient sort after animals for all conditions. A well balanced bull with a stable historic genetic background and sound estimated breeding values.

Lot 19 LAR20-242

LOT 20 

LAR 20-195

LAR 20-195 Logix Pedigree Report

A very hardy and tough looking 4 star son of LAR16-470 (son of BG12-43) with 6 sons on sale. This herd sire LAR16-470 bred exceptionally well. He was used to open heifers with light calves, average birth mass of 31 kgs, and with excellent performance in his calves, good wean weights with high post wean and growth. These type of cattle are economically viable under all environmental circumstance, they are adaptable, fertile and functionally efficient. This Lot 20 is exactly the type of animal we strive to breed, average on birth mass with a high wean weight and exceptional growth and a medium frame. They are sort after with the ever demanding selection pressures genomically as well as phenotypically. Lot 20, a well balanced masculine bull with width, strong topline and a well developed hindquarter. A dark attractive coat with a good head . An all rounder bull who will have a positive impression in any herd.

lot 20 LAR20-195
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