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SALE BULLS: 21-30 '23

LOT 21-30

LOT 21 

LAR 20-121

LAR 20-121 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 21 LAR20-121

LOT 22 

LAR 20-520

LAR 20-520 Logix Pedigree Report

A dark attractive 4.5 star bull with a good disposition and an extremely attractive and proven genetic background. He is one of the youngest bulls on sale and the first bull to attract attention in the group with his beautiful masculine head, excellent capacity and beefing qualities. His sire LAR18-018 (LAR14-173 son) has 7 sons on sale and has bred extremely well fleshed attractive cattle with performance. LAR18-18 has some of the best young bulls on sale this year, all a perfect type with capacity, beef and performance. They adapt easily and did exceptionally well on D phase as one of the top sire performers in the group. We are very satisfied how the sons of LAR14-173 have bred in general, all prepotent and breed true to type with little variation. LAR18-18 was bought by Leon Riekert and Andries Kruger in 2021. Lot 22’s dam LAR09-231 (108/9, ICP 368, Elite Gold, 5 star, 9 Score and 100% retention) is one of the most beautiful cows at Up George with capacity, depth and feminine and has bred 2 herd sires so far, LAR12-026 and LAR16-453. Both sires bought by Boeram Venter, and have bred extremely well with LAR16-453 having 6 top sons on sale this year including Lot 1. Lot 22 a stylish young bull, high on milk, wean and growth with an exceptional carcass value.

lot 22 LAR20-520

LOT 23 

LAR 20-466

LAR 20-466 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 23 LAR20-466

LOT 24 

LAR 20-441

LAR 20-441 Logix Pedigree Report

Another exceptional son of LAR16-453 (Lot 6 in 2020 bought by Boeram Venter) See Lot 1. He has an exceptional masculine head with attractive dark points, very broad and well fleshed. A tough hardy bull with good libido, who we used in the 2022 mating season and look forward to his progeny in 2023. His dam LAR11-266, always breeds one of the top weaners each year with the right conformation, broad and with capacity. Her sister (same dam) LAR08-320, Elite Gold cow, bought by Leon Riekert, a beautiful functional cow who is still in the LFR Bonsmara Stud herd. Her dam LAR99-244 was a fantastic, functionally efficient old cow who produced exceptional daughters. When selecting bulls to use in the herd it is imperative that the dam line is significant and is proven. This leads to a better chance of a breeding the all important maternal breeding herd.

Lot 24 LAR20-441

LOT 25 

LAR 20-272

LAR 20-272 Logix Pedigree Report

lot 25 LAR20-272

LOT 26 

LAR 20-498

LAR 20-498 Logix Pedigree Report

This bull deserves a special mention as he has a combination of two of the most special Up George cows in his pedigree, LAR10-159 (dam of LAR14-173, LAR17-358, LAR19-319) and LAR02-180 (Elite Gold, 5 star, who is still alive at 21 years old! We have used 6 of her sons in the herd including LAR06-224, LAR07-234, LAR08-218) The dam of Lot 26 LAR11-364 (102-6. ICP 384) is now with Rubin Essakow. The sire of Lot 26, LAR16-468 is a son of LAR10-159, a dark smooth and very attractive compact bull who was unfortunately injured before we could utilise him to his full capacity or obtain semen from him. Lot 26, a very correct, masculine bull with a good head, short thickset type, medium framed bull with an exceptional pedigree. 

lot 26 LAR20-498

LOT 27 

LAR 20-085

LAR 20-085 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 27 LAR20-085

LOT 28 

LAR 20-398

LAR 20-398 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 28 LAR20-398

LOT 29 

LAR 20-491

LAR 20-491 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 29 LAR20-491

LOT 30 

LAR 20-442

LAR 20-442 Logix Pedigree Report

Lot 30 LAR20-442
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